Brand Awareness On Google – Grade It, Improve it, and Monitor It

Brand Awareness On Google

 BRANDYOURSELF - Brand Awareness

When you type your name or companies name into Google and click search, what do you see?

Your name and brand hogging up most of the first page results?  If so you can stop reading now and go about your business!

Someone else’s name or brand hogging up most of the first page results with only a few appearances by your name?  This is me.  My name is very popular.

Your name or brand reflected by negative reviews or comments?  If this is you that is not good news and you should get going immediately on replacing them with more positive results.

No sign of your Name or Business name anywhere on the first page? You can probably change this relatively easily.

Register Your Name or Business

In order to be the majority of the first page of results you are going to need to have a few web pages that you can focus your Brand Awareness on.  


    • Website
    • Blog
    • Facebook 
    • Fan Page
    • Linkedin Profile
    • Yelp Profile
    • Google + Profile
    • Google Place
    • Bing Business

Fox eMarketing offers a product called the SEO eXpress that will register your name or business to the top 50 Business Profile Websites on the Internet.  Of course this does not guarantee that you will dominate Page 1 for your name or business… but often times will.


In addition to having all the profiles to increase your Brand Awareness I recently stumbled on a website called BrandYourself

There sole purpose is to help businesses get their name or brand to fill up the first page of Google results.  

  1. The first thing they do is ask you to pick a Name that you would like to work on, such as:  Jason Fox or Fox eMarketing.
  2. Then the site will conduct a Google search and ask you to tell them if the results are related to you, and if they are positive or negative.
  3. With that data the site will give you a score… I received a D.  I better get to work.
  4. Next they will walk you through step by step creating a profile on their site, which they promise will rank, and if you login to your Linkedin Profile you can simply pull all of your bio information from Linkedin with one click… Awesome.
  5. Once your profile is created you can pick 3 links to SEO Optimize for FREE.  More links will require a paid version.
  6. After you have picked your 3 links BrandYourself analyzes the links to find out how you can Optimize them for Google.
  7. The software walks you through the process step by step. 
  8. Once your profile is created and your links are optimized you can then check it from time to time to check your improvements.

Brand Awareness Stats


Brand Awareness

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