What Do Real Estate Prices and the Superbowl Have in Common [Infographic]

Real Estate Prices and the Superbowl?

In the spirit of Super Bowl weekend here is a fun Infographic about Real Estate Prices and the Superbowl.


7 Cities that make more Super Bowls and their real estate prices

City Superbowl Appearances Real Estate Prices
Miami 5 $261,400
Denver 6 $244,600
Washington DC 5 $443,700
Boston 7 $375,700
San Francisco 5 $751,600
Oakland 5 $445,200
New York 5 $517,900

Median Home Price:  $216,700

Median Home Price of the 10 teams that have made it to the superbowl the least:  $212,450

Notable exceptions:  

  • Pittsburgh who has won the most Superbowls and does not have high real estate prices.
  • Seattle who has high real estate prices and has only been to the Superbowl once.

Interesting facts that relate less with how high the real estate prices are more to do with the desirability and population density.  The higher the population density the more money the team makes.  The more money the team makes, the more money the team can spend on talent, the more money the team spends on talent, the more times they go to the Superbowl.

Do cities with higher home prices make more Super Bowl appearances
Super Bowl Appearances vs. Real Estate Prices


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