What is Facebook Graph Search


Facebook has announced a new feature leaving many to say: What is Facebook Graph Search?

It has long been speculated that Facebook would develop it’s own style of search engine to compete with Google.  This became increasingly more obvious with the flop of the Facebook IPO.  Facebook’s current income generating ad service is currently profitable, but lacks the support of the marketing sector.  Meaning, Facebook needs to build a better mousetrap, to keep up with the Jones’s.

Facebook Graph Search

In addition, small business owner’s everywhere have been complaining that the interaction has been steadily decreasing over the last couple of years on Fan Pages.  This is due to the “Improvements” of EdgeRank.  The purpose of EdgeRank is to give the individual user a better experience, and that often times does NOT include seeing Advertisements for the local Fan Page Owner.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search seems to be addressing both of the aforementioned problems.  It is building a better “Search Engine” and giving small business Fan Page owner’s more exposure.

There are 3 Prongs to the Graph Search

1.  Search for People and Interests

Facebook Graph Search People

2.  Search for Images Facebook Graph Search Images

3.  Search for Businesses or Fan Pages

Facebook Graph Search Small Business

This is similar to Google and Bing but with the Personability of Facebook. 

For example:  

You may go to Google to search for an image of the Seattle Skyline.  With Facebook Graph Search you can search for images of the Seattle Skyline that you have “liked” in the past.

Or you may be in need of a Real Estate Agent.  You can search for Real Estate Agents that your friends have endorsed or used by “Liking” their Fan Page.  


This has become a point of focus with Facebook.  As is clearly indicated by the fact that a whole page is dedicated to Facebook Graph Search Privacy Policy in the roll out.


Facebook launched a new feature today (1.15.2013) that is in a Beta functionality called Graph Search.

Mark Zuckerberg states in the launch video that this new feature will be a “Pillar of Facebook” like the “Timeline” or Personal Profile, and “News Feed” or wall.

The new feature is a Socially integrated Search engine built around searching for People and Interests, Images, and Small Businesses or Fan Pages.

You can learn more about the new feature including watching 2 video’s and sign up for the Facebook Graph Search Beta Here.


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  1. Paramesh Das says

    thanks fb for the invention. I think now fb share price can increase. Let see how can this search will help in SEO.
    Thanks for the update news.

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