10 Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents

10 Questions to Ask Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents can in part be responsible for the success of your home sale, for the amount you want, when you want. Ask anyone who has ever had a bad experience when selling a home and they’ll tell you that a lacklustre real estate agent is a nightmare.

One of the best ways of lowering the chances of this problem is to ask the real estate agent plenty of questions. You want to know is this the person for the job, after all they will be taking a reasonable sum for their work and you want to be satisfied.

How long have you been a real estate agent?

You want to know that the person in charge of selling your home has had a reasonable amount of experience in this line of work. We’re sure there are some great newbies out there but experience is golden in this field.

Asking Price

Take into account the urgency of the home sale and how this will affect attracting offers from clients. Talk to the real estate agent about this and how you can price accordingly.

Have you had properties in the area and how long did they take to sell?

Asking these questions allows you to gather a realistic understanding of how good the real estate agent is, how much you are likely to get and also how long it may take. Comparing real estate agents in this way can give you a good idea of who you would like to use.


Ask the real estate agent what other homes are competing for sales in this area. One of the best ways to see how good a real estate agent is will be to do some research for competition yourself and then ask the agent about the competition. If he or she can tell you similar information then they are on the ball.


Another important thing to note before signing anything is the price at hand. Ask the agent what percentage their commission is. Fees are usually between 1-3% and are often negotiable.


Ask them if their sales team is qualified and are they a member of a professional group, such as the ARLA in the UK.

How are viewings conducted?

Do you show the property, or does the agent. Though people often show their own properties, real estate agents tend to have higher success rates when selling and most people say that, “the viewers were more likely to buy my house with a professional showing”.

How will property be advertised?

There are so many options for advertising property and you need to know whether the  agent is up with the latest trends or still in the Stone Age. Window displays, use of data bases, online and social media adverts and others all demonstrate a positive in this area.

Fall Through

Ask the agent how many sales fall through from agreement to sale. The average is just below 20% so ask your real estate agent theirs.

Average time on market

Ask them how long on average do they take to sell property in general and also in this area and whether they have any contingency plans to aid a sale if the property is on the market for a longer than expected time.


These questions to ask real estate agents should help you and your business and ensure that you and your home are taken care of in the best possible way.


Guest post by:  Cormac Reynolds has written a variety of articles on real estate agents and home buying and writes this article for YouSellQuick.



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