Paperless Listing Presentation

10 Reasons Why A Paperless Listing Presentation is Genius

“In the competitive world of real estate brokerage I strive to maximize every advantage I can get…both for me and my client. The listing makeover and paperless listing presentation are a one-two knockout punch that has delivered solid and immediate positive results for me and my clients. Selling the house for the most amount of money in the least amount of time is my goal and these products truly improve my odds of success.”” ~ Tim Cornwell, Windermere Real Estate

We have all heard the old adage… Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Having a “Go To” listing  presentation is doing just that.  And making it a Paperless Listing Presentation is genius!


Why A Paperless Listing Presentation is Genius

1.  There is a certain confidence knowing that at any given time you are prepared to give your best Listing Presentation.

2.  If you can increase your close rate from (1 in 3) to (2 of 3) you can increase your salary by 33%.

3.  Your competition, most likely, does not have a Presentation, much less a Paperless Listing Presentation.

4.  A well organized presentation keeps you on point, and insures that you do not leave out any crucial information.

5.  Using an iPad or Tablet to give your presentation is Cool!

6.  It is more organized then a bunch of single sheets of paper.

7.  It is Green.

8.  Color copies = $.99 X 15 = $15 per presentation.

9.  It is easier than a binder or pitch book.

10.  Because it works!


Sample Paperless Listing Presentation Demonstration


How To Get a Paperless Listing Presentation

These days there are many options for getting a presentation.  Just do a google search and will find many different options.

If you like the one shown above you can purchase it here:  Paperless Listing Presentation


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