10 Steps to Building Your Google Author Rank

What is Google Author Rank? Officially it does not yet exist, but most of the top Search Engine Pros agree that it will and maybe does.

Put simply:  The stronger your online profile the higher the content you author will rank.

“The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” ~ WSJ


Google Author Rank

Not to be confused with Google Authorship.  Google Authorship is a tool to link your content and web presence to your self as an author.  Google Author Rank is how much “Google Juice” you as an author has.

“The idea is that an author can build rank and trust (called Author Rank) based on the content they write all over the web. Google already has a way to determine your expertise at those subjects and it is only getting smarter in how it ranks authors and their content.” ~ Forbes

Why Author Rank?

Let’s say you wanted to find a good IDX Provider and you did a Google search for Best IDX Plugin for WordPress.  First of all you would want the smartest options to be listed first on your Google search.

Google thinks, and I agree, that the best results would come from the authors that have the most “Street Cred” about IDX Plugins on the internet.

If you found 2 articles reviewing an IDX Plugin you were interested in… who would you trust more?  An author that has a high Google Author Rank for Real Estate Marketing, or a brand new writer?


10 Steps To Building Your Google Author Rank

I found this information while researching a different post I am writing, “What You Don’t Know About The Newest Google Search Ranking Factor” on Moz.

10 Steps To Building Your Google Author Rank
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  1. Sign Up For Google Authorship – https://plus.google.com/authorship
  2. Test You Content Using The Rich Snippet Testing Tool – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
  3. Start Writing Content – https://www.jasonfox.me/content-marketing-is-increased-traffic-leads-sales-for-your-real-estate-bizz/
  4. Create Sharable Content – https://www.jasonfox.me/google-penguin-2-0-update-means-focus-on-great-content/
  5. Find a Niche And Stick With It – You will get Author Rank on subjects.  If your subject matter is to scattered you will not build any rank.
  6. Create and Use a Google+ Profile Regularly – https://plus.google.com/
  7. Make Friends with High Ranking Google Authors – Try to get influential authors in your subject matter in your Google+ Circles
  8. Promote Your Google+ Profile – https://www.jasonfox.me/120-ways-to-promote-blog-slidegraphic/
  9. Be Helpful On and Off the Internet – Networking, Networking, Networking
  10. Consider Writing For Other Blogs – Having your Google Authorship linked to similar subject matter blogs that rank well will increase your Google Author Rank.

The bottom line is.

Create Great Content, Promote Your Content, And Optimize Every Tool That Google Has To Offer (just kidding about the last part, sort of)