10 ways to increase facebook page engagement

10 Ways To Increase Facebook Page Engagement [ #Slidegraphic ]

Trying to get Facebook Page engagement might be the most frustrating aspect of internet marketing for me!

If you are struggling to get your fans to Like, Comment, and share your facebook content than these 10 ways to increase Facebook page engagement might be helpful for you to.

What Is a Slidegraphic?

I don’t think this is an official Internet Marketing term… but it should be.  Slideshare + Infographic = Slidegraphic!

If I use some tips from our 10 ways to increase Facebook page engagement:

  • Share Your Personality – Yes, fun and energetic.
  • Use Images – Yes, most definitely.  Image heavy and text light.
  • Stay Specific – Yes, this slidegraphic stays right on point.
  • Use Your Fan’s Content – Yes (well I don’t know if they are my fan’s, but I hope so)
  • Keep Posts Simple – Yes, does not get much simpler than this.
  • Have Fun – Yes… how could you not have fun cruising through this slideshow.

6 out of 10 of the tips are utilized in this post by taking an infograhic and turning it into a slideshare, or slidegraphic.


 Is getting Facebook Page Engagement important for your Real Estate or Small Business??


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