There Were 11 Important Google Algorithm Changes In 2013

Google algorithm changes 2013


What I keep hearing from clients all over the country and in many forums and Facebook Groups that I am in is… My search rankings are gone.  My traffic is gone.  The keywords that I have been ranking for and generating traffic with for years is gone.

SEO has changed wildly across the last 18 months and it’s this constant change that keeps me hooked, testing and experimenting as I go. – Mathew Woodward

What I Have Noticed In Real Estate SEO

  • If you do a real estate related search there are only 3 brands that seem to rank in the top 10, or page 1 results consistently.
  • Websites that relied primarily on IDX links are no longer ranking.
  • Big Brands are hogging most of the 1st page results.
  • Local Results are still the place that the newbie can get in on the action.
  • When an agent does get 1st page results it is either a blog post, or a Google+ post.


What Changed At Google

According to E2M Solutions and the infographic they made using data from Moz, SEO Roundtable, Matt Cutts, and SearchEngineLand, there were 11 important Google Algorithm Changes in 2013.

01/17/13 – Link Devaluation

Any links that were built artificially were devalued or even worse were penalized.  If you paid for links, or traded links with spammy websites, or had to many links, or links that were not categorically in line with your website

01/22/13 Panda #24

Panda is the update that focuses on weeding out duplicate or low quality content.  Sites that bought low quality articles or spun articles for the purpose of making money.

03/14/13 Panda #25

The final Panda update before Google started to Index the results

05/22/13 Penguin 2.0

Penguin was focused more on weeding out bad links… as I mentioned in Link Devaluation.  Penguin 2.0 was a deeper look into your links.

06/11/13 Payday Loans Update

This was an update to get shady “Pay Day Loans” and Porn websites out of the organic search results.

06/11/13 Panda Dance

Google announces that while it updates Panda every month it is done slowly over a 10 day period.  This slow roll out of the update can make the rankings… “Dance”.

07/18/13 Panda Recovery

Google lightened up on the Panda update and many sites started to see some of their traffic come back.

07/19/13 Knowledge Graph Expansion

More than 25% of searches resulted in a “Knowledge Graph” being displayed in the results.

Knowledge Graph

08/16/13 In-Depth Articles

A new category or section of the search results that display 3 content rich, evergreen style posts about the search query.

in-depth articles

08/20/13 (My Birthday) Hummingbird

The first change, rather than just update, to the algorithm.  If you have a voice activated smartphone and have ever asked “Siri” or “Ok Google Now” a question you know what this change was for.  Hummingbird aims to deliver answers to questions.

10/4/14 Penguin 2.1

Seemed to give sites that had been hit by Penguin a chance to clean up and disavow their links and get back in good graces.


I hope you enjoy the “11 Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates/Changes in 2013” #Infographic… and don’t forget to share it.
There Were 11 Important Google Alogrithm Changes In 2013



If you have experienced a drop in your traffic or search engine rankings (SERP) you may be able to link it back to one of these 10 updates or 1 change to the Google Algorithm.

If you can identify why your traffic dropped, then you can start to figure out how to get your traffic back.

Bottom Line:  If you are not being sneaky, and are providing good quality original content and a consistent basis, and promoting it well, with a beautiful site that is User and Mobile friendly and has good load speed… you should not have any problems.

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