120 Ways To Promote a Blog… Better! [ #Slidegraphic ]

120 Ways to promote a blogI have blogged at length about different ways to promote a blog.

Those are just a few.

The truth is that your blog is a product, and what do you do to products?  You Promote them.

If you choose to not promote your product, then you probably will not have a product for very long.


Promote A Blog

Where do you begin to promote your blog?  Chances are you either feel like there are very few channels that you can use to promote your blog, or you feel overwhelmed by all the choices and in frustration have done nothing.

The reason that I continue to post about this subject, is because I feel the same way from time to time.  Writing these blog posts, help me to get re-inspired, and re-focused.

Would you believe that someone could create a list of 120 different blog promotion ideas?  And there are more.  There are ideas on my blog posts that are not represented in this Slidegraphic.  But if you decide to do 20-50 of these tips on a consistent basis…   Your blog will gain new visitors.  #Fact


Slidegraphic Promotional Video

This is a fun little video I created for free on a new beta website called Mooved.

120 Ways to Promote a Blog… Better! #Slidegraphic

This is another Slidegraphic that I created using Powerpoint and Slideshare.



This is the original infographic:


Infographic by Digital Philippines