2013 WordPress SEO Ranking Factors

2013 WordPress SEO Ranking Factors #Moz [Report]

Ok… the report is not called the 2013 WordPress SEO Ranking Factors, I added WordPress.  Well, because that is what I do.

This report is compiled by what I believe to be “The SEO Authority” – Moz.com.

Moz took survey data from over 100 search engine professionals and presents it for free.  What is interesting about this report, is that they do not give us the data they have accumulated from their 1,000’s of SEO clients.  They give the data from over 100 SEO professionals…


WordPress SEO Ranking Factors


>  Unique and Freshness of content is important

How often do you blog?

Ruud Hein
“Approach your content from a conversion optimization point of view; that’s how Google is doing it.”


>  Load speed is important

SEO Optimized Images, Strong WordPress Hosting, Caching, Premium Themes and a CDN Network are all ways to increase your WordPress load speeds.


>  Links are still believed to be the most important part of the Google SEO algorithm (approximately 40%).

David Iwanow
“Link velocity seems to be coming back. If you stop building links you fall down in rankings … competitors who can keep up velocity of links can seem to rise in rankings even if the quality of the links is low.”


>  Keyword usage on the page, On-Page SEO,  is still necessary, it is thought to be the 2nd most important factor

– You can use the WordPress SEO plugin to do this.

Abhilash Patel
“Keyword usage seems to have decreased a bit in importance, especially relative to brand importance. In many cases we have observed industry authority webpages with little keyword usage actually outweigh more informative, keyphrase-relevant pages, presumably on brand authority.”


>  Social Signals are not as important as Keywords and Linking but still represent 7%

– Join a Blogging Tribe.

Rob Kerry
“Social signals are still in their infancy. Unless your brand exposure is enough to reach a significant market share, concentrate on traditional PR and branding for old-school signals.”


>  Your Domain Name is important, how old it is, how long it is paid for, if there are keywords in the domain

You will have an advantage if you buy, or have a seasoned domain name, at least 1 year old, and it is paid for at least 3 years.  I am not a fan of having your keywords in your domain name, it seems spammy to me, although it is still a ranking factor.

Dev Basu
“Exact-match domains still perform really well, despite Google updates to diminish the ‘free pass’ EMDs typically get. If I were to start a new site today I’d prefer to build a brand.com oriented domain rather than making the EMD my main site.”

For example:  Moz recently changed its name from SEO Moz.


>  Links are important, but only if they are “High Quality Links”

– Use MozTrust to see what the Trust factor of the domains linking to your site

Matt Gratt
“Google seems to be depreciating more links than ever before, so this is actually increasing the impact of getting the links that count, IMHO.”


>  Good on page optimization is still important (title tags etc, lets Google know what your pages are about)

– Again, You can use the WordPress SEO plugin to help you with this.


>  Having a Responsive WordPress Design or Mobile Friendly version of your site was voted important.

Mobile usage increases year after year and providing their users a user friendly search result is important to Google.

Russ Jones
“When Matt Cutts says you will be ‘surprised’ about the level of influence of handling mobile right, it is time to start handling mobile right.”


>  It should probably go without saying but… Not having been Penalized, not having crawl errors, or be linked from 404 error pages is important

– You can use the  WordPress SEO plugin to connect your WordPress site to a Google Webmaster account to check for errors, and incoming links.


You can view the complete 2013 WordPress SEO Ranking Factors Report here.

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  1. Noor H October 21, 2013 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    I’ve read somewhere saying less is more when it comes to backlinks nowadays 🙂 truly enjoyed this post.

    • Jason Fox October 22, 2013 at 11:05 am - Reply

      Thank you Noor…. I think the number of links is still a big factor, despite what Google is saying. However, at some point, the lower quality backlinks will catch up to people.

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