The 25 Most Beautiful Real Estate Websites

The 25 Most Beautiful Real Estate Websites [Slideshow]

 Thanks to my friends at Placester for sharing the 25 Most Beautiful Real Estate Websites.  As decided by them, but I agree that the websites chosen are all very attractive.

There are 5 Goals of a Real Estate Website | G.L.A.M.R | Generate, Legitimize, Authoritize, Multiply, Residence |


How better to Legitimize your self as a real estate professional than with a beautiful real estate website.  Each of the 25 websites in the slide show, whether the site is your style or not, shows the agent or group in a positive light.  

It is important to note that each of these sites are highly customized and probably cost multiple thousands of dollars.  However, there are templates that can achieve a similar look or style “On a Budget”.

It is also important to note that there are 2 things each of these 25 Most Beautiful Real Estate Websites have in common:

1. Branding.  You will notice that they each have a Logo and consistent coloring and styling throughout.

2. IDX. Or the ability to search the MLS data straight from their site.


As you are viewing the websites below think of yourself as a new Real Estate Buyer or Seller and you are in the market for a new real estate agent.  If you ran across one of the Real Estate brokers below would you feel that they are a Legitimate option?

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