3 Real Estate Technology Tools For Agents

Technology has changed the way many businesses operate and communicate with potential customers and clients, and the real estate business is no exception. Any real estate agent that wants to compete in this modern technological world needs to use technology tools to reach new customers and maintain his or her business. Here are three of the most important technology tools that every real estate agent should take advantage of.

Real Estate Technology ToolsWebsite/Blog
Every real estate agent should have a website or a blog where he maintains an updated account of all of the properties available for showing. A professional website portrays the image of a reputable real estate agent. The website should be professionally designed and should load quickly. The website should appear inviting and the real estate agent’s contact information should be highly visible. Without advertising online, a real estate agent is missing a large chunk of his potential market. To make the most of your online presence, make sure that your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO), which means that your website will pop up in the top ten sites when someone searches for certain keywords, such as “real estate X”, where X is your city.

Real Estate Technology Tools VideoVideo
Pictures on a website are not enough anymore. Most Americans have high speed internet and they expect to see not only pictures, but videos, of properties listed on websites by a real estate agent. These videos are not difficult to upload. Placing videos on YouTube and then backlinking to the YouTube video on your site will make your website reach more potential clients. YouTube is a very popular website, so when someone searches on Google for real estate in your region, it is more likely that your link will pop up because you are featured on a popular website.

Real Estate Technology Tools CalendarGoogle Calendar
Real estate agents maintain very busy schedules and often struggle with keeping all of their appointments straight because they don’t always have their schedules on hand, or they mark different appointments on different schedules. Using Google Calendar is a great option for keeping a schedule straight because it can be viewed from any computer or phone with internet capabilities. You can import task lists quickly and you can even arrange to have an email sent to you each day with a daily agenda. Google Calendar can send appointment reminders to your clients and you can even make appointments using voice recognition software such as Jott.

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  1. CB-VB September 20, 2011 at 7:13 am - Reply

    Great article, definitely true that real estate agents need to be up to date with technology. I would add that smart phones are not a requirement, but a great thing for agents to have. Since they are on the go a lot but demand instant internet access, it is a valuable resource to have.

    • jasonfox September 20, 2011 at 4:31 pm - Reply

      CB-V8 I agree. Smarthphones and Tablets both, could have been included.

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