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7 Tips For Finding A Real Estate Agent, Could Be Reduced To 1?

I was reading an article on Bankrate titled “7 tips for picking a real estate agent” and was surprised to find something missing.  I guess I understand why it is not mentioned in one respect, but surprised in another.

Real Estate is the last industry to embrace reviews.

If you wanted to find out what people think is the best Pencil for “Back To School” you can find a complete review system on many different high profile websites.

If you want to find out what people think is the best real estate agent in your area you are supposed to:


7 Tips For Finding a Real Estate Agent

According to

1.  Talk With Recent Clients
2.  Look Up the Licensing
3.  Pick A Winner
4.  Select An Agent With the Right Credentials
5.  Research How Long the Agent has Been in Business
6.  Look At Their Current Listings
7.  Ask About Other Houses For Sale Nearby

This process seems awfully complex and laborious, although thorough.


1 Tip For Finding a Real Estate Agent

According to Jason Fox:

1.  Read the Google, Yelp, and Zillow Reviews

Tips 1-4 could definitely be eliminated by reading reviews.  Tips 5 &6  may or may not be a factor.  I have met veteran agents that are horrible and brand new agents that are incredible, length of time does not matter if their clients have given them 5 star reviews.

Why Reviews Are Not Mentioned

I fully understand why the author of that article mentioned everything but looking at the real estate agent’s reviews.  It is not yet common practice for us to use the 5 star review system that is being used by every other product and service in the country.

I have been recommending that real estate agents should be getting reviews for the last 5 years and usually get a moan, sigh, or abrupt reaction.  Real Estate agents do not want to be rated.  Well who does?  It sucks to be judged.  Think “American Idol”.


Why Reviews Need To Be Mentioned

The problem is that the newest generation of home buyers will only trust 1 factor when finding a real estate agent.  Peer reviews.

In addition, Google and Bing have recognized this and are heavily using reviews to determine Local SEO results.

Zillow was the first to recognize the importance of this, and that peer review is becoming main stream.  And while I do not know this for a fact, I bet that they are also weighting how often agents get displayed based off of their reviews.

Reviews are the best way to find a real estate agent.  Reviews are the easiest way to find the best real estate agents.  Reviews increase Search Rankings.  Reviews are the future, right now.



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  1. tampa real estate agents September 18, 2013 at 5:22 am - Reply

    Hello Jason, you are correct, we can search on Google and business listing sites like yelp etc for the reviews of a real estate company or agent, but there is one more fact which I think must be considered while trusting these reviews completely, many of these reviews could be fake as many businessmen used to hire some SEO experts or someone else for writing good reviews for their company.


    • Jason Fox September 18, 2013 at 11:01 am - Reply

      Hello Tampa Real Estate Agents,

      That is true, unfortunately. It is not a perfect system… but Yelp, for example, has a very strict algorithm to make that less frequent. In order to make it through the algorithm you need to set up a Robust System. Including, creating an active and complete profile, using different IP addresses for each fake user, and staying active. While it is possible, I believe that is the exception.

      BTW: You should consider signing up for a Gravatar it will put your picture and information on your posts.

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