"Benny" WordPress 4.0

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“WordPress 4.0 offers no such groundbreaking new features; it could just as easily have been dubbed WordPress 3.10. But it does offer an improvement over its predecessor, with little reason not to upgrade.” Ken Gagne


It usually is a pretty big deal when a software company changes the number of the Version.  In this case WordPress went from Version 3.9 to WordPress 4.0.  I was super excited to upgrade my Jason Fox WordPress site to WordPress 4.0.  What a let down.

I thought WP V 3.8 dubbed “Parker” was a bigger deal… with a completely redesigned backend user interface and the ability to customize widgets from the customization section of the your theme.  That was cool.

So what was worthy of a new version?


“Benny” WordPress 4.0

  • A slightly improved text editor
    • The content area scrolls better and the menu is sticky so it stays with you as you create your content (this is handy)
  • A slightly improved media embedding feature
    • When you add links to supported media platforms in your blog post they will be converted to what the media really looks like.
    • In the past the visual editor would just show a grey box that did not display as the real size.
      • Note: I used the HTML embed for the video below and it does not display as the actual video on this post 🙁
      • So I tested out a compatible Platform / Twitter / by posting a link and viola I could see it in my post 🙂

  • A slightly improved plugin search feature
    • When trying to find a new plugin you get more information without having to leave the site, including the reviews.
  • A Slightly improved Media Library feature
    • Your media shows as infinite scroll, it is easier to edit, and easier to add and access.

You can see the improvements in full detail in this WordPress.TV video explaining the major updates in WordPress 4.0


Upgrading to WordPress 4.0


Nothing broke on my Jason Fox Website when I upgraded to WordPress 4.0… but you may not be so lucky.


BEFORE YOU UPGRADE:  Make sure to back up your website.  That way if anything breaks you can always go back to your original version.


If you are using WP Engine for your WordPress Hosting… Making a back-up of your site is as easy as pushing a button and giving it a name.


After you upgrade visit your website and make sure that everything is working properly.  Before you freak out and instantly rush back to your back up version…

Try troubleshooting your Plugins and Theme first.

It is more important that you stay with the more current versions of WordPress than you stay with certain Plugins or Themes.  One thing that each new WordPress Update comes with is Security Upgrades and Browser Compatibility improvements.


If The Upgrade Breaks Your Site

  1. Start to “Deactivate” your plugins 1 at a time and check your site after each deactivation.  This will tell if it is a plugin that is broken and which one.
  2. If not a plugin; Change your theme to the latest version of WordPress Theme (Twenty Fourteen) and check your site afterward.
  3. If it is not a Plugin or Your theme; Revert back to your backed up WordPress Version
  4. If if is a plugin or theme; Decide if you can live without it.   If  not you have 2 choices:
    1. Contact the developer of the product and ask them for the fix
    2. Revert back to the backed up version of your WordPress Website
      1. Although, at some point you will have to upgrade


What Platforms Can You Embed With?

ServiceEmbed TypeSince
AnimotoVideosWordPress 4.0
BlipVideosWordPress 2.9
CollegeHumorVideosWordPress 4.0
DailyMotionVideosWordPress 2.9
FlickrVideos & ImagesWordPress 2.9
FunnyOrDie.comVideosWordPress 3.0
HuluVideosWordPress 2.9
ImgurImagesWordPress 3.9
InstagramImagesWordPress 3.5
IssuuDocumentsWordPress 4.0
Meetup.comVariousWordPress 3.9
MixcloudMusicWordPress 4.0
PhotobucketImagesWordPress 2.9
PollDaddyPolls & SurveysWordPress 3.0
RdioMusicWordPress 3.6
Revision3TV showsWordPress 2.9
ScribdDocumentsWordPress 2.9
SlideSharePresentation slideshowsWordPress 3.5
SmugMugPhotosWordPress 3.0
SoundCloudMusicWordPress 3.5
SpotifyMusicWordPress 3.6
TEDVideosWordPress 4.0
TwitterSocial mediaWordPress 3.4
VimeoVideoWordPress 2.9
WordPress.tvVideosWordPress 2.9
YouTubeVideosWordPress 2.9