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Great Blog Post SEO is what you keep in the back of your mind while you are writing a blog post.  

If done correctly it will increase your chances of your blog post landing on Page 1 of Google or Bing.  If your blog post lands on the first page of the search engines, then real people will read it.  

I always tell people to write your blog post with 2 Audiences in mind  1.  Your Potential Audience  2.  Google.

1.  Your potential Audience does not care about Blog Post SEO, and as a matter of fact, probably hates it.  If you write simply for the search engines your post will seem spammy and lack any character or panache.  

2.  Google does not care about the great sequence of adjectives, nouns, and verbs you used to paint a picture with your words.  They care about 10 other things.  What are they?


Your Blog Post Will Be Indexed If You Follow These 10 Steps For Great Blog Post SEO


1.  A Great Keyword

    • Ask yourself what is the Topic of what I want to write about
    • Take the topic and plug it into the Google Keyword Tool
    • Make sure that your topic gets traffic.
    • If it does great you have your Keyword.
    • If NOT look at the similar options and choose a variation that does get traffic.


2. Keyword In Title


Keyword in Title

    • The closer to the beginning of the Title the better, but DO NOT sacrifice readability.


3. Keyword In Permalink


Keyword in Permalink

    • By default WordPress wants to add the whole title to the permalink.  Click “Edit” and delete everything but the Keyword.


4. Keyword In First Sentence in <H2> Tags


Keyword In First Sentence

    • Again, DO NOT sacrifice readability to get the Keyword in the first sentence.  If it does not read well add it in the second or third sentence, just get it as close as possible.
    • To give a sentence the <H2> Tags… Highlight the sentence and click “Paragraph” and select Heading 2.


5.  Keyword In Content 1-5 more times 

    • This is self explanatory.  Use the Keyword as often as it makes sense.


6.  Keyword in Meta Description

    • By default WordPress will pick up the first 140 characters of your post as your Meta Description.  So if your keyword is in the first 140 characters you are good.
    • If you are using some type of SEO plugin, or Theme function, add your own 140 Character Meta Description using the Keyword.


7.  Add At Least 1 Image; Keyword in Image Title and Alt Tag


Keyword in ALT Tag

    • While you are loading the image be sure to fill both boxes in with your keyword.


8.  Add 1 Link; Preferably To Another Post On Your Blog

    • Add a link in your post like the one above to the Google Keyword Tool.  
    • If it is feasible try to link to a relevant post on your own site, internal linking.


9.  Make Sure Your Post Has At Least 300 Words

    • Not just for readability but this seems to be the number that Google looks for.


10.  Write a Well Constructed, Easy To Read, Blog Post

    • Remember, getting your blog post found on the search engines is Awesome, but then people need to be able to read it, understand it, want to share it, and possibly read more blog posts you have.

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You Will Get More Readers To Your Blog If You Follow These 10 Steps To Great Blog Post SEO


I understand that writing content for your blog is already difficult and now I am asking you to add an additional 10 steps.  

Let’s look at like this:

Say it used to take you 1 hour to write your blog post and now it will take 1.5 hours, an extra half hour.  

But you used to get, say 2 people that read your blog post, and now you get 250.  Is it worth it?


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