Blogs build consumer Trust

Blogs Build Consumer Trust, According To Technorati Digital Influence Report

Blogs build consumer trust, are popular, and create influence according to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report (DIR).  

Technorati is one of the largest social media ad networks with an advertising reach of about 130 million US unique users/month.  The 2013 DIR was produced by surveys that included over 6,000 influencers, 1,200 consumers and 150 top brand marketers.

Blogs build consumer trust, influence consumers, and are shared with nearly 1 out of every 3 consumers.

Blogs Build Consumer Trust

According to the DIR, Blogs are the 5th most trusted Online Service with 29% of consumers saying they trust the content on WordPress Websites.  You will notice that I also highlighted that Youtube is also a trusted source of content for 29% of consumers.  

If that number does not seem to impressive please read on…


Here you can see that Blogs are the 3rd most likely to Influence a purchase of the online services.  Again I also highlighted Youtube at 27% of consumers saying that Youtube will influence a purchase.

Starting to see a pattern, please read on… 


 In this chart you can see that Blogs are also the 3rd most shared medium by 26% of consumers.  Again, Youtube is 2nd with 40% of consumers sharing what they see on Youtube.


  • 29% of consumers said that blogs build trust with consumers.
  • 31.1% of consumers said that blogs influence consumers.
  • 26% of consumers said that they share content from blogs.

Ok now let’s do some math:

If we average the percentages of all 3 of the categories above what do we get?

  1. Facebook – 39.3%
  2. Retail Sites – 33.3%
  3. Youtube – 32%
  4. Blog – 28.7%
  5. News Sites – 28%
  6. Google + – 23.6%
  7. Groups/Forums – 22.6%
  8. Brand Sites – 19.6%
  9. Online Magazines – 16.6%
  10. Twitter – 13.6%
  11. Linkedin – 12.3%
  12. Pinterest – 10%
  13. Instagram – 3.6%

I think most businesses have a Brand Site, most of my readers will not have a Retail Site.  

According to the DIR, 91% of businesses are on Facebook.

The question then is do you Blog and are you on Youtube?



Blogs rate overall favorably to consumers for building trust, sharing, and creating influence for online services.  But you noticed that I also highlighted Youtube.  The reason for this is because I think that it shows that the combination of the 2 can be a killer formula for building business.  Video Blogging or VLOGGING.

I posted an article recently that showed all the big corporations that are using WordPress as blogging platforms.  A reader commented that was not built on  He was correct.  The big corporations are adding WordPress blogs to their marketing arsenal, on top of their brand sites.  Perhaps they are doing this because they know that Blogs Build Consumer Trust!

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