Bounce Rate Is Not The Speed Of Your Kid at Pump it Up

Bounce Rate is a Measurement of Traffic On Your Site that helps measure  SEO and User Experience.

If you have Google Analytics Hooked up to your site to measure your sites traffic you have probably noticed Bounce Rate.  What it means is what percentage of people that visited your site only looked at the home page, or first page visited and then left your site without clicking on anything else.

One of the many things that Google pays attention to help determine a sites SEO Rankings is bounce rate.  The theory is that if people come to your site and do not find it engadging enough to explore around it must not be a quality site.

In addition if you have a higher than average bounce rate it could be a sign that visitors are not finding what they are looking for.  Often times what attracted someone to your site is not the final destination and it they do not continue on it could mean they do not think they are going to find what they are looking for.

The Bounce Rate Infographic below, provided by ,KissMetrics, shows you what the industry averages are so you can gauge whether it is a weakness for your site.  In addition they give some good suggestions for trimming your bounce rate down.

Bounce rate infographic

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