Social Media Sizes Design Chart

Complete Social Media Sizes Design Chart [ #Infographic ]

Someone has convinced you to create a series of social media channels for your Small Business.  So you have a Facebook Page, a Twitter Profile, a Google+ Page, a Linkedin Profile, and a Youtube Channel, and they are not automatically branded to your business. Ugh…. One more thing we have to do.  This is where a Complete Social Media Sizes Design Chart can be handy.

If you are going to work Social Media for leads it is important that your profiles are properly branded to your website, product, brand, or service.


Branding Your Social Media Accounts

Consumers today like to do research.  They like to hop on their favorite search engine and search for the product or service they are looking for.  They like to check out their Website, Blog, Social Media Accounts, Local Results, Reviews, and make sure that their Web Presence looks Legitimate.  They want to know that the business they choose is an Authority in their niche, or industry.

If consumer, Mary, searches for your product and finds your website and is impressed so she fills out your form for more information, that is awesome.  While she is waiting she notices you have a Youtube Channel and she loves Youtube, so she is going to check out your videos.

When she gets to your Youtube Channel, she finds that is UN Branded.  Strike 1.  Well know, I hope you have some videos, and some current videos.

Let’s eliminate Strike 1.  And give your possibly consumer a Fluid, and Consistent User Experience as they browse through your Web Presence.


Complete Social Media Sizes Design Chart

You can use the chart below to create templates of these sizes and create Branded Images for your Social Media Accounts.

To create the images there are many tools available.

BestPhotoshop – Most expensive and difficult to use

GoodThe Gimp – Opensource (free) and difficult to use

OkPixler Editor – Web based (free) and easier to use


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