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Create Perfect Landing Pages Easily:  Premise WordPress Plugin

What is a Landing Page and why would you want one?

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 I think the easiest way to describe a landing page is to first think of an average website home page.  There are Navigation buttons, forms, videos, Icons, links, social media buttons, sliders, and many other distracting options for a user to decide what to do.

A Landing Page is focused on 1 thing and 1 thing only.  Whether it is selling a particular product, or displaying a video, or getting people to search for listings, or getting people to subscribe to your subscription or training course, it is focused on 1 thing.  There is no navigation, or other distracting options for users to have to mess with.  Generally landing pages are built to sell a product, collect leads, or get people to subscribe to your membership site.

Many of the top marketers in the country have boiled landing pages down and come up with a winning formula.  Check this “Perfect Landing Page” Infographic by Kissmetric.  

A quality landing page that is properly marketed to using:  Craigslist, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, or direct mail campaigns… will improve your conversion percentage.  Or in layman’s terms it will sell more, collect more leads, or get more subscriptions.  


How To Create A Perfect Landing Page on WordPress

Many themes now come with a “landing page” template, however they do not offer many or any customization options without knowing how to use CSS.  You can also, fairly easily, create a “landing page” template for any theme you use, you will need to know PHP and CSS.  In addition there are many landing page plugins that are available.  I have used a few of them.  

None of them come close to the Copyblogger Premise WordPress Plugin (I am an affiliate for this product).

Copyblogger is the creator of the World Class Genesis Framework, Scribe SEO Tool, and Synthesis Hosting Service.  They know a thing or two about WordPress.

Example of a “Landing Page” I created with the Premise Plugin:  

Paperless Listing Presentation

How I Built It:

Premise Landing Page - New Page

  • Simply “Add New” Premise Landing Page
  • Choose which of the 8 Landing Page styles you want to create: I went with the “Video Style”
  • Enter a Headline
  • Enter a Sub Headline
  • Enter a paragraph of copy that will wrap around the video in the “Video Box Copy”
  • Then choose where you want the video on the Right, Center, or Left side.


  • For the Video Page you can choose if you want to enter the video “Embed Code” from Youtube, Vimeo, or any other video storage.  Or, if you would rather you can enter an image of the video and video link to have it open in a lightbox.


  • Then comes the “Copy Below the Video Box”  in my case the benefits of the product, using the “Notice Box” feature.  The social proof, or testimonial, using blockquote.  The sales button, that was created easily using the Premise Plugin button maker.  And finally the “Free Bonus” of a second item if you buy the first item.  You will notice that there are 4 graphics in this area using the “Insert Graphic” tool.  


  • If you need inspiration for the copy below the video box, or any other box you can use the “Insert Sample Copy” tool to get you started.  In addition there is a Copywriting Assistance Tool to help.


  • Now all that is needed is to decide if you want it to be a membership style page or no membership.


  • If you want to take your Landing Page to the next level you will want to upload a Header Image and create your custom styling.
  • You can also set up the SEO features to make sure that your page has a shot at making it on the search engines.
  • Finally, you can set up testing features to run A/B testing and find out if having the video on the left get’s more conversion’s that having it on the right.  It makes a difference, you know.


What Makes The Premise Plugin Great?

  • It works with any theme
  • 8 Landing Page Types are offered as templates
    • Sales Page
    • Social Sharing Page
    • Content (SEO) Page
    • Pricing Table Page
    • Email Opt In Form
    • Video Page
    • Tab Scroller Page
    • Thank You Page
  • Compatible with Aweber, Mailchimp and Constant Contact
  • 1,100 Custom graphics
  • Point and click design interface
  • Build membership sites
  • Take recurring payments on auto
  • Sell digital products with download
  • Integrate Paypal and
  • SEO optimization
  • A/B Split testing
  • Access to 7 hours of training

It does all of this and it User Friendly


Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With Customized Landing Pages for you products, your niche, your listings, your training, your videos, and more.  And make it easy, beautiful, and effective with Premise.


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