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You may already be using Quora, but are you using it to easily find ideas for a blog post?

I created a blog post last year where I suggested the easiest way to find ideas for a blog post was to think of all the questions that your customers ask you during the week, then answering them.  What if your clients are not asking you good questions, or enough questions, or you just can’t recall what it is that they are asking?


Quora is the Q&A social media platform.  In this example we are more interested in the Q then the A.  You can pick from all different categories and find out what it is that people are asking questions about.

Signing up for Quora is free and takes less than 5 minutes.  You can sign up instantly using your Facebook or Twitter login credentials.

Quora for ideas for blog post

Once you have signed up for Quora it is pretty simple to find ideas for blog posts. 

Quora Search for ideas for blog posts

Quora Search results

Type in the topic of your blog or business into the search bar.  Select “Questions” under the title and viola.  Screen after screen of juicy, sweet, decedent questions.

Find a question that stirs your emotions and open up your blogging platform and get to work answering the question.

Or glance over to the right of the screen and select the “Best Questions” or take a look at the “unanswered questions”.


  • Open and log into a account
  • Search a topic
  • Select Questions
  • Find a question that interests you
  • Answer the question in the form of a blog post
  • Don’t forget your Blog Post SEO



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