How To Increase Your Client Email List Using Webinars

Having an ever increasing email list is crucial for online marketing.

gotowebinar for Email List Building

I have been hosting Online Webinars for the past 2 years.  My partner, at the time, and I started by hosting Biznik events and sharing our expertise to a room full of 5-20 people.  Initially this was very exciting and we were able to get some sales out of this method.  However, it was cumbersome.  We needed to secure a venue, travel, provide refreshments, set up audio and visual, pray there was no construction.  All to get maybe 20 people to show up.  The idea of hosting events virtually was very appealing.  You did not need a location, no travel, you could invite unlimited attendees, and there is very little cost involved.

We hosted our first webinar on GoToMeeting and were able to get 67 people to show up.  Immediately this was better than the results we had been getting.  And it seems obvious to me why.  I can attend a 1 hour informational meeting from the comfort of my own home spending no gas, not having to get “Dressed For Success”, and if it is no good I can simply log out.

Increase Your Email ListIn 1 years time we were able to build our client email list database from 0 to 1,700 WA Real Estate Agents and Webinars were a big part of that.

  • How To Host Your Own, Email List Building Online Webinar:
    • You need a Webinar Hosting Software: 
      • Paid – GoToWebinar or Adobe Connect
        • I have had extremely good luck with GoToWebinar and strongly suggest that is what you use.
      • Free – AnyMeeting or WizIQ
        • You can read about my experience with AnyMeeting here.  I have not tried WizIQ but have heard good things.
    • You will need to create the event in order to create a Registration Page
      • This is what will allow people to sign up to attend the event, and collect email addresses
      • You will need to pick a date, a Title and a Description of the event, add an image, and presenters
        • If you are not comfortable putting the event yourself you can find someone to collaborate with that will compliment your business
      • Leave the event open for all to attend and pick a time and date that is traditionally less busy ( I usually host on Thursdays at 10 am)
        • Paying attention to time zones if you are going to attract East Coast Attendees.
    • Once your Registration Page is created you can start to invite people to your Webinar
      • The first thing I like to do is post the event to my blog, so that my blog readers will see it and also to have a spot on my site to drive traffic.
        • I like to drive my marketing to a link on my blog rather than directly to the Event Registration Page
      • Then I like to send out an email to my database and invite them
        • I use MailChimp to send my emails so they will come with Social Sharing options, and I ask my database to share it with any friends they think may be interested
      • Next I will start to market the event using Social Media Marketing.
        • I can not get into all the techniques I use here but Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Biznik are all definitely utilized
      • There are a few websites on the net that you can register your event to increase exposure
        • Eventbrite, Facebook Events, Craiglist, And sites that advertise Webinars
    • Next you will need content for your Webinar
      • I like to use PowerPoint or Keynote to create a slideshow for my webinar
        • This will give your audience something to focus on and help you to make your point
        • Often your attendees will want access to the slides after the event for notes
        • For a 1 hour webinar I will make 8-12 slides
    • Make sure that you send reminder emails @ 1 Week, 1 Day, and 1 Hour
    • Just like giving a live presentation…
      • I will introduce myself
      • Give my qualifications
      • Tell the audience what I will be covering
      • Cover it
      • Summarize what I covered
      • Take 5-10 minutes to sell my product
      • Then open it up for Q & A
        • If you are going to sell a product make sure you offer some type of special pricing for your attendees
    • Once the Webinar is complete I will send a Thank You Email reminding the attendees what was covered and the special pricing that was offered to them
    • Finally you can go to your Webinar Hosting Software and Export your Registration Email List into a .CSV file
  • And you have just increased your Client Email List Database by X amount.

Please Share With Me Your Webinar Experiences:

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