The Facts about Online Real Estate Reviews

The Facts about Online Real Estate Reviews


“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.” Charles Kettering, Engineer


I recently sat down with a real estate executive and shared some ideas about the state of real estate marketing.  He asked me what I thought about real estate reviews, and if I thought that the industry should embrace them.

YES, a million times yes.


I have written about online real estate reviews for the last year quite a bit:


Have you been ignoring online real estate reviews?  Hoping it will just go away.  It is not going away.  And in fact, it is becoming the go to factor for local real estate SEO.


According to the MOZ “The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors” Report:

Review Signals  —  (Review quantity, Review velocity, Review diversity, etc.)

 ==  Represent 10.3% of the Local Ranking Factor

 In other words, if you want to show up on Google when someone searches for local real estate you will have a 10% better chance of showing up if you have online real estate reviews.


**Google is not currently displaying Real Estate Agents as a local category**

Keywords that typically powered the mapped results included “city name” real estate,  “city name” real estate agent” among others. 

There is word that they may start to display the category: REALTOR

(As you can see below… “Seattle Realtors” displays local results.  However, “Everett Realtors” does not.  This leads me to believe they are testing options right now.  Meaning that Local Real Estate Search is not going away, just being tweaked)

Realtors online real estate reviews

In addition you can still rank locally for long tail keywords.


Do You Read Online Customer Reviews To Determine Whether A Local Business Is A Good Business?

do you read online real estate reviews

According to a survey administered by BrightLocal in 2014:

    • 39% of people Regularly read online reviews when researching local businesses
    • 49% of people Occasionally read online review when researching local businesses
    • 12% of people Do No read online reviews  (do they have internet??)

Over 89% of people surveyed have read an online review to help decide what local company they would use.


Consumers Trust Online Reviews Significantly More than Advertisements

According to SocialNomics:

    • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations
    • Only 14% trust advertisements

Consumers trust online reviews 650% more than traditional advertising


 6% of Real Estate Agents are receiving at least 1 lead a week from online real estate reviews

Of the 35% of agents that do get leads they are only getting 5 leads a year  —  ONLY?

These are Laser Focused burning hot leads!

These are people who are In Need Of a real estate agent, Searched for a real estate agent, Found an online real estate review, then Contacted That Agent.

Would you like that lead?  ummm… yes please.

69% of agents said that leads from online real estate reviews were Relatively to VERY EAST to Convert.


 Bad News:

In 2013 only 4% of people surveyed used local search to find a Real Estate Agent

Good News:

 In 2014 12% of people surveyed used local search to find a Real Estate Agent

Best News:

60% of buyer’s said they would consider using online recommendations next time


7 Myths of Online Reviews… Busted

Download the TrustPilot Whitepapers that BUST 7 Myths you may have heard about Online Reviews
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Where Should You Get Online Real Estate Reviews

This is just my opinion:

  1. Zillow
  2. Google +
  3. Yelp

If you are diligent about asking for reviews, preferably within a day or 2 of the home purchase or sale, you are probably sending your clients an email.

In this email you should ask your client for a favor:

If you feel like I have given you 5 star service could you please help me out by giving me a review on the website of your choice?

Then add a link to your Zillow, Google+, and Yelp profiles.


Placester’s 7 Tips for Optimizing your Online Real Estate Reviews

  1. Get at least 1 review on Yelp
  2. Before your start asking for reviews make sure you have Set up your Google+ Local Page
  3. Establish a presence on Zillow and Trulia
  4. Use Linkedin to bolster your personal reputation
  5. Use and SocialBios to increase your presence
  6. Check your competition so you know how many reviews you need to rank
  7. Then do it all again


Enjoy the “Insider’s Guide to Online Reviews for Real Estate”

Online Real Estate Reviews

(infographic by: Placester)