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18 Must Have Features On A Real Estate Home Page [Infographic]

Obviously I did not create the 18 must have features on a Real Estate Home Page infographic, the fine folks at Placester did that.  However, the reason that I think so highly of their product is that I agree with most of what they teach and preach.  This infographic is no exception.

There are 5 goals that I strive to reach when building a real estate home page:


1. “Generate” or Capture Leads – This is done with IDX, and forms. “Calls To Action”
2. “Legitimize” Broker and Create Trust –  This is accomplished primarily with a G.L.A.M.Rous  professional web design
3.  “Authoritize” or Present Broker As an Authority In The Industry –  This is done primarily with content and IDX.
4.  “Multiply” by Increasing Broker Web Presence – This is done with SEO Optimisation and Content Management
5.  “Residence” or Create A Marketing Hub –  That is what is a WordPress Website is.

It boils down to a WordPress Website with IDX, that is beautiful, SEO optimized, Lead Capture Forms, and gets quality content added on a consistent basis.

Ok, so what does that look like?

18 Must Have Features On A Real Estate Home Page

  1. A Title
  2. A Sub Title
  3. Well Thought Out Navigation Menu
  4. Benefits, not Features, of the Website
  5. Real Estate related Images
  6. Primary Call To Action… The number 1 action you want people to take. Generally start your home search.
  7. Teaser Properties, or Featured properties
  8. Social Share
  9. A Recruitment Message
  10. Secondary Calls To Action… Reports, eBooks, listing alerts.
  11. Current Blog Posts
  12. Testimonials or Reviews
  13. Additional Resources
  14. Secondary Navigation… Often times City, or Neighborhood pages
  15. More Social Proof
  16. Footer Call To Action… Subscribe to blog
  17. Physical Address – Important for Local SEO
  18. Phone Number

This Real Estate Home Page example is:

  • A WordPress Website
  • Has IDX
  • Is G.L.A.M.Rously Designed and Well Thought Out
  • Is SEO Optimized
  • Has Fresh Relevant and Quality Content
  • Has Multiple Lead Capture Options

This particular website is an example of a Placester Real Estate Website with IDX that you can read more about.

Real Estate Home Page


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