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There seems to be a million plugins for adding Social Sharing functionality.  I have used dozens over the last few years.  I have recommended at least 10 over the years.  Well I have a new favorite, Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin.

“Well, like Brian, for example… has thirty-seven pieces of flair on today.  And a terrific smile.” – Office Space -1999

In the past I have recommend:

All of which are great plugins and do the job perfectly.

But when you are messing around with WordPress on a daily basis and write about WordPress, well I like to try new stuff out.   What can I say.

Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin

If a blog post does not get shared does it really exist?  Getting your content shared via social media has multiple benefits:

  1. Increased SEO
    1. The more your content gets shared the better chance it has of being cited, an d that creates a natural inbound link.
    2. Getting your content shared sends the search engines social signals.
  2. Increased Exposure 
    1. If your content gets shared on my Twitter Feed, for example, that is 4,000 new possible readers, buyers, sharers you just got access to.
    2. In addition if you have some flare on your content others are more likely to share it.

With all that in mind we want to make our content AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for people to share.

Enter Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin:

It is easy to configure, lightweight, and very attractive.  It is 1 of the social sharing tools that I am currently using on this site.  You can see it being used at the top right hand of this post.

(I am also using Digg Digg, for the floating Social Share functionality.  I am doing this because I love the monotone colorization that is available for the Flare plugin and think it looks beautiful.  However, I want the traditional social media icon colors on the floater.)

Setting Up Flare

Configuring the plugin is pretty simple.

1.  Choose where you want the Flare to display

  • Above Post Top Left
  • Above Post Top Right
  • Below Post Bottom Left
  • Below Post Bottom Right
  • Floating Horizontal Left Of Post
  • Floating Horizontal Right of Post
  • & Manual Static placement

Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin SS1

2.  Choose 1 of 9 Icon Styles and the background color of the floating bar.

Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin SS3

3.  Decide which Flare you want to display:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Email, BufferApp…

Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin SS2

4.  Customize the Flare.  Twitter username, Facebook button verb, and if you want to you can change the color of each flare to match your website.

Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin SS5


Flare also includes a fully customizable FOLLOW Widget.  You can display your social media Flare in any widget section easily and customized.

Flare Blog Post Sharing Plugin SS6  


You can download the Flare blog post sharing plugin here.

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  1. Colleen Pastoor February 1, 2014 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    Got it, Love it, thanks for sharing!

    I’m checking out your comment options and am wondering which plug in you use to get the ‘notify of follow up comments via email’ and if you know of a good one that has a subscribe to just replies of your comment? I’m having no luck finding one, but know I’ve seen it before.

    • Jason Fox February 1, 2014 at 8:05 pm - Reply

      I just switched to the Jetpack commenting system. In addition I use a plugin called WPSubscriber that offers a subscribe to from my comments.

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