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Get Big Search Results with Local SEO for Real Estate


Local SEO for real estate is something that most of you can do, with a little help from a checklist, a blog post, and a guide.  I have provided all.


“No 1 reason for doing an online search is to find the location for a ‘known’ business”

~ (comScore, Neustar Localeze, 15 Miles – Local Search Study 2014)


I spoke with a client a few weeks back and she was looking for some help with her SEO.  The first thing I did was run a couple quick diagnostics and found that she was getting a few thousand organic search visitors a month.

I told her that she was getting a pretty strong amount of Google traffic already and rather than focus on getting more traffic we should redesign her website for better conversion of that traffic.

She said, “But I keep Googling ‘My City Real Estate’ and my site does not show up on the first page”.

That is the mistake real estate agents make, it is nearly impossible to rank for the keyword – Your City Real Estate – right now.  Google has decided that this particular keyword is best suited for the aggregators.  Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com.  Then sprinkled with Redfin, Yelp, Large Brokerages, ect…

She was ranking for Many localized long-tail real estate related keywords.


What is Local SEO?


Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that you can gain higher local search rankings. Over a third of all searches in 2014 will be local and when you include non geo-targeted keywords that trigger local results, the number nears 50%!  ~ (Business 2 Community)


What are the Local Search Results?

Often time when we think of Local SEO search results we think of Map Packs… or the 7 or so results that Google often puts on the first page with the little  place pins next to them.  As seen below:

Local SEO for Real Estate Map Pack


However, when Google released their Pigeon update, they decided to take Map Packs away from real estate brokers.  As seen below:


Local SEO for Real Estate Search Results

Interestingly, I tried a search for about 30 cities with all different types of real estate agent keyword variation and Seattle was the only city still displaying the Map Pack.


There is more to Local SEO Search Results for Real Estate than Map Packs.  Anytime you put a location in front of a real estate related keyword that is local long tail keyword SEO.

  • City Name Waterfront Real Estate
  • City Name Golf Course Homes
  • Neighborhood Acreage Homes For Sale
  • Neighborhood View Condos


According to Search Engine Land, “…The reduction of local packs actually resulted in more traffic to local [Real Estate] websites when we were expecting it to be less.”  Additionally they point out that they “saw long-tail rankings go through the roof.”


There are 2 key areas to focus on with Local SEO

  1. OFF-Page Local SEO
  2. ON-Page Local SEO / Content

>> Off page is the work that you can do away from your actual website and is more directly related to the “Map Pack” results.

>> On page is the work that you can do on your website and is more directly related to the Localized Long-Tail Keyword Organic Results.


I found a couple easy to follow checklists to help you optimize both areas of your local Real Estate SEO.


You may be asking, “Why would I want to work on my Off-Page Local SEO if we don’t show up on the Map Packs”?  That is a great question.  

Answer 1:  Google could always bring the Real Estate Map Packs back.

Answer 2:  Building links and getting additional web exposure is still important for your local organic search results.

Answer 3:  As my opening statistic points out, the number 1 reason people use Google is to search for businesses they know and off-page local SEO tactics will help with getting your brand ranked.

Answer 4:  Google Authorship –  Getting your off-page local SEO tuned up will assist in building your Google Author Rank.  Therefore, also helping to get your localized long-tailed real estate related keywords to rank.


>> Be sure to keep reading below the Checklists for some help with how to get long-tail real estate related keywords to help build local search traffic.




Local SEO for real estate off site




Local SEO for Real Estate Checklist
(infographics courtesy of:  JeyJoo.com)


Cashing In On Local Long Tail Keyword Search Results


Content, Content, Content.  I have said it once and I shall say it again.  You need to be creating new content on a consistent basis.  Meaning, you can not just complete the Checklists above and then sit back and listen for the telephone.


>> You can use my Strategic Local SEO Long Tail Keyword Content Marketing Plan to start building serious traffic.


There is a reason that we only build WordPress Websites and it is so you can easily add new content.. or Blog.


>> Get a Content Marketing started with my Simple Guide to Blogging for some blogging inspiration.



Local Search is the key to drive Organic Google Search Traffic to real estate websites.

Map Packs may be gone… but that does not weaken Local SEO for Real Estate.  In fact, it may even make it more important.

You can increase your Local Search results with on-page and off-page local SEO tactics.

The real gold is with Localized Long-Tail Real Estate Related Keywords that get ranked when you add them as content to your website.  (in the form of pages…. and blog posts)

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  1. Steve Booth November 8, 2014 at 8:36 am - Reply

    Every time I check for Google listings for our business (We advertise in target communities outside of our geographic area), we see map packs. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read ‘still do it, they could come back.’ It IS best to have all of your bases covered.

    • Jason Fox November 13, 2014 at 10:11 am - Reply


      What area are you in that the Real Estate Map Packs are still showing?

  2. gallatingroup January 3, 2015 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    Could’ve benefitted from a few concrete examples re: “The real gold is with Localized Long-Tail Real Estate Related Keywords that get ranked when you add them as content to your website.”

    • Jason Fox January 5, 2015 at 10:52 am - Reply

      Thanks Gallatin Group… there is always more we can do to help. I do not give concrete examples on purpose. Keywords are subjective, and what works for one may not work for another. The best advice I can give is A/B Testing. Try out different options and find the best that works for you.

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