Get More Comments on Facebook

Is it possible that we can get more comments on Facebook by adding 1 word?  According to the data that was analyzed by my friends at it is!

Reason To Get More Comments

Getting comments and likes on Facebook is important for 2 reasons.

  1. It makes us feel good
  2. The more comments we get the more Facebook Juice we get

Facebook Juice = Pleasing the Facebook EdgeRank = The algorithm Facebook uses to determine if your Status Updates and Images get seen on other people’s wall.

If you want your Facebook Posts to be seen by more people than your Posts need to be deemed a “Top Story” by Facebook.  This can be accomplished in many ways, and it must be said that like all Proprietary Alogrithms no one knows what the exact formula is.  

We do know that the more comments that your posts get the higher your EdgeRank.

Get More Comments on Facebook with 1 word

The 1 Word That Gets More Comments


That’s right… Ask and you shall receive.  As you can see on the chart to the right Facebook posts that include the word, Comment, get 3x’s more comments and more Likes.


Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday!  If true click “Like” if False “Comment” by telling what your favorite holiday is

 I hope this helps you get more comments on Facebook.


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  1. Paramesh Das November 27, 2012 at 10:23 pm - Reply

    Facebook comment and like is helpful for organic ranking. Thanks for this nice post.

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