“If you don’t have a Maid…you are one!”

– Patrick Flynn & many others I imagine

We are all too aware of the vital need for a strong social media presence as a compliment to your real estate website. The issue we run into as website designers and developers is that we can not do it all for our clients!  That includes setting up your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin accounts.

Beyond creating and building dynamic real estate websites, we have little time to add the vital components of a powerful social media platform. Utilizing your real estate website with a consistent social media content marketing campaign can not only be time-consuming but frankly, too difficult for many to take on and manage successfully.


Your Online Marketing Must be G.L.A.M.R.’ous…that includes your Social Media


What do we mean by G.L.A.M.R.?  Read the 5 Goals Of A Real Estate Website if you are interested.

Having the time and energy to manage a social media presence is not easy…nor do most have the where with all to come up with new and exciting content day after day. Yet, without a strong social media presence, most small business owners find themselves exploring alternate, more expensive options to gain a foothold on their market.

Today’s social media success hinges mainly on 3 things:

  1. Consistency
  2. Content
  3. Coverage

We love coming across a company or group that offers their clients the same level of superior service when it comes to expanding and cementing an overall online marketing presence.

Sadly, that has been something of a dead-end task for us and our clients when it came to finding a resource that could give the exact Social Media services they need to succeed.


We Found An Easier Way…To Be A Real Estate Social Media Pro

Recently we were introduced to a young man named Shaun Nilsson (@DowntownToronto) who came up with a better way to integrate, syndicate and use his social media presence to drive his real estate business.

His social media plan soon caught the attention of many in his office.

This rookie REALTOR® turned his homemade Facebook marketing system into a social media empire that now services thousands of Agents and REALTORS® like you, all across North America.

Shaun Nilsson went from a $0 marketing budget and a dream of being a successful real estate agent, to accidentally stumbling upon a marketing goldmine – and founding the real estate world’s largest social media management company, CityBlast.com – in just 3 short years.

As word quickly spread of the “agent with the magic Facebook touch”, requests began coming in from far and wide, with agents looking for Shaun’s help or advice with their social strategy; and a new business model began to appear.

As clients increasingly piled in, Nilsson partnered with long time friend and software developer, Alen Bubich, to take his social media agency online, allowing him to seamlessly deliver services to agents all across North America, and naming the upstart company the now increasingly well-known CityBlast.com.


Shaun_Profile_Picture“When agents in my office began to see my success through social media, they started asking for my help. I was charging $1500 a month per agent, and unintentionally ended up running a boutique social media management agency for real estate agents. 

Alen had already been working on a new interface for this type of thing, and we decided to see if it could work with my real estate marketing approach. Turns out, it did work – to great effect – and the rest is history. We’re able to offer clients a world-first, full social media management solution, specifically for real estate agents, that costs them less than their Starbucks coffee every day. It’s a 10 to 1 client ROI on average.”

– Shaun Nilsson, Co-Founder/Owner CityBlast.com


Welcome To Your Personal Real Estate Social Media Expert

About CityBlast

I had the fortune of interviewing Shaun and his answers to some of my questions about social media were affirming to me and hopefully eye-opening to some of you…here’s some quick take away’s I got from the interview:

ME: Do you recall at what point you really noticed your Social Media efforts were working for your Real Estate business?

SHAUN: I really started noticing it when I would do open houses and put out my directional signs. People would see my name on the A boards and recognizing me from my Facebook posts! The moment I heard folks starting to tell me they saw my Facebook posts during my open houses…I knew I was on to something.


ME: What kind of things would you post?

SHAUN: It was as much about what I posted as how much I posted! I was diligent with how consistent I was and how I made sure I posted regularly…rain or shine! I also made sure my content was not about me. I’d find great resources for helpful tips on buying or selling real estate and make sure these were posted not only on Facebook but Twitter and LinkedIn as well. It really didn’t matter where the information was coming from…as long as they knew it was coming from my social media posts.


ME: This must have taken a ton of time! How many hours would you spend on Social Media a day?

SHAUN:That’s the thing, I wouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes to an hour a day on Social Media. Because it was a part of my daily routine, I would simply make time for it like anyone would make time to be at the bus stop to pick up their kids after school. I was committed to making my social media engagement a necessary part of my lead generation day.


ME:How did you come to create CityBlast.com?

SHAUN:Once agents in my office started noticing how my business began to take off, they would ask me if I could do the same for them. After a short period of time, I was no longer selling houses and just marketing their business full time…all of this happened quite by accident, really!


ME:Why should Agents and Brokers utilize your service?

SHAUN: The numbers are pretty compelling! And you know as well as I do how powerful social media is and how it can propel your brand and your business! On top of everything else, I come from the real estate industry and I believe our service can help them thrive just like it helped me!


And as a thank you for having me on your site, I’m going to offer anyone who signs up for our service a lifetime 50% discount when they go to cityblast.com/jasonfox and use the promo code FOX. Just go to our site and sign up!

– Shaun Nilsson


Now you have proof…and a place to get started!

I strongly believe Shaun’s story can be your story too! We know without the integration of a good social media campaign, your real estate website can only do so much.

Taking the time and energy to learn all this stuff is no longer a necessity with the help of folks like Shaun!

And for as little as $49 a month, there is no excuse not to take your online marketing and social media to the next level.