Getty Images has opened the vault to the Best Free Blog Images


When I started building WordPress Blogs, about 8 years ago, I would copy images from ‘Google Images’.  I mean, I think everyone has done that at least once.

Blog Posts/Articles with images get 94% more total views

Then I got a bill for $5,000 from Getty Images.

I was able to settle for much less and removed the image of course.  But the lesson was learned.  Do not take, Getty Images, off of the internet!  Untill NOW:


Getty Images Makes Millions Of Images Free For Content Publishing

This is big news.  There are many good sources for Royalty Free Images that we can use for blogging or content marketing, but none are the quality of Getty Images.

Getty Images are the Best Images on the Internet!

There is a catch:  The “Free” images are only embeddable.  That means you are just iframe ing in the image through code and the Getty Images logo and link are prominently displayed.  See Above.

How To Get Your Hand On The Free Images

You can start your search on Getty Images Here: The Best Free Blog Images

(Not All Images Are Available For “Free Use”)

When you see an image you like, hover over the image and you will see a pop up like this:

Getty Images Free Embedable Images

If you see the </> symbol then you can embed that image.  Click on that symbol.

Then you will see a pop-up that looks like this:

Getty Images Embed Code


Copy the iframe embed code.

Remember to paste the code in the HTML side of your post if you are using WordPress for your content creation


Why Do We Care About The Best Free Images For Content

Here is a fun little Infographic by:  MDG Advertising to highlight the Power Of Images.

the best free blog images

Infographic Highlights

  1. Articles containing relative images get 94% more total views Click here to tweet this
  2. Press Releases with images get 14% more views Click here to tweet this
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to click a local business that has images Click here to tweet this
  4. 67% of consumers say the Quality of a product image is important Click here to tweet this
  5. Facebook Posts with Images get 37% more engagement Click here to tweet this