Google Analytics

If you want to track activity on your site add Google Analytics to WordPress, or another analytics tool.

1.  Visit Google Analytics website and sign up for a Free account.

2.  Add a “New Account” (Website or URL or Landing Page) that you would like to track

  • Give the Account a Name
  • Enter the Web Address
  • Read and Agree to the Terms
  • Create Account

3. What are you Tracking?

  • Most user will choose a “Single Domain” you should know if you need a different option

4.  Paste This Code On Your Site:

  • This is the part that you find confusing
  • Copy the HTML Code inside the box

5.  Log in to your WordPress Website

  • There are a few different ways you can paste the code into your website
    • Use the Google Analytics Plugin
      • The plugin gives you a clear location to paste the code.
    • Theme EditorOpen the Theme Editor and paste the code into your Header.php file
      • In the left hand column find “Appearance” Category
      • Click on “Editor” sub category
      • **This will open a screen that gives you access to the directory and any mistakes can cause serious harm to your website**
      • Header.phpOn the right hand side of the screen look for a file named Header.php
      • Click on Header.php
      • Note that Google states:  Copy the following code, then paste it onto every page you want to track immediately before the closing </head> tag
      • In The Header.php file look for the </head> tag and paste the code before the tag
      • Below is an example of what it might look like:

Google Code in Header.php file

    • Many WordPress Themes have a Special “Script” box that you can get to simply
      • I recommend that you use this method if it is available to you.  It allows you to easily access the area in case you need to change the code and does not add another plugin to worry about.
      • Below is an example of a Genesis Theme Script box: 

Genesis Theme Header Script Box

    • Save your code to whichever method you choose.

6.  Go back to Google and “Save”.

7.  Start Tracking the Analytics of your Website!


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