How to add youtube video to wordpress

How To Add A Youtube Video To WordPress

I still get this question quite often, “How To Add A Youtube Video To WordPress”.  There are 3 ways that I have done it depending on the circumstances.

The Video URL, The Embed Code, and Plugins

My preferred method of choice is embeddable iFrame Code.  It is quick and easy and makes for adjusting the size of the video a snap.


Youtube Video URL

With the release of WordPress 3.6, I believe, you can simply add the Youtube Video URL onto a page or post and it will turn into a video once the page is published.

Auto-Embed Settings

You do need to make sure that the feature is enabled on your version of WordPress.

Go to “Settings”, “Media”, then look for the box next to “Auto-Embed” and make sure it is ticked.

How to add a youtube video to wordpress

As you can see above the video has default size settings that will be applied site wide.

Paste Youtube Video Link

Find the Youtube video that you would like to have on your WordPress Website.  Under the video:

Go to “Share”, “Share This Video”, copy the URL in the box.

Paste youtube video link

Open the Page or Post that you would like to display the Youtube Video.

Then paste the Youtube Video Link you copied previously onto the “Visual” side of your editor on it’s own line:

Paste Youtube Link

When you “Publish” your Page or Post the Youtube Video will display

Embed Code

I like to use the embed code because I can customize the size of each video that I am adding to a Page or Post.

Youtube Embed

Find the Youtube video you would like to share on your WordPress site and under that video.

Go to “Share”, “Embed”, Choose “Video Size”, and any features, Copy the “Embed Code”

Youtube Embed code

Paste Embed Code

Open the Page or Post that you would like your video to display on.

Go to “HTML”, and Paste Code, further adjust size if necessary.

Paste Youtube Embed Code

When you “Publish” the Page or Post your Youtube Video will be displayed.

Paste “Old HTML” Embed Code

Every once in a while my clients have been on some system that would not allow the iFrame style of embed code, if that is the case for you, try the “old embed code” option.

Same steps as above except you will tick the box:  “Use Old Embed Code”

Use Old Embed Code

You will notice there is more code above and it looks different.  It is HTML code rather than the iFrame code.

Once you “Publish” your Page or Post the Youtube Video will display.


If you would prefer to use plugins, or would like the ability to add videos from different sources, or the above methods will not work for you.  I have used:

Viper’s Video Quicktags




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