How to build your zillow profile

How To Build Your Zillow Profile

Why would you care about a How To Build Your Zillow Profile post?  Because your listings are on Zillow, whether you like it or not, and you need to take ownership.

A Zillow profile is a page on Zillow about you; it’s where you tell others about yourself.  You can add a photo, contact information, a description of yourself and links to your Web site, blog and your pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, all of the contributions you make on Zillow will link directly to your profile. (source: Zillow)

Zillow recently ran a webinar about building your Zillow profile.  Here is a list of some of the top tips about creating a Zillow Profile:

*Use a current photo of yourself on your profile so people will recognize you.

**Be sure to add your website, blog, and social media links to your profile

***Create “value-added” hyperlinks to useful sites, articles, and information etc.

****Add a 30-60 second intro video on your profile. This brings you to life!

*****Use the same email address on Zillow as where your listings are hosted. This will associate all your listings to your profile, and you become the top agent on all your listings.

******Don’t forget to add ZIP codes and city names to your service areas.

Invite your top 10 affiliates and team members to be on your Top 10 Pros list.

*******Use the “About Me” section to make it all about you


How To Build Your Zillow Profile

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on “sign in” in top right hand corner
  3. Click on “register”
  4. Click on “I am a Real Estate or Lending Professional”
  5. Enter:  Email *****(Be sure to use the same email address you use to syndicate your listings) / Password / Category / Name / Business Name / Phone Number / Business Address
  6. Click on “register”
  7. Click on “agent hub” in top right hand corner
  8. Click on “profile”
  9. Click on “edit”
  10. Click on”profile”
  11. Add your screen name (this will be searchable, so use your name, business name, niche, or local area)
  12. Enter:  Your name / *a Profile Picture / ****a Link To a Youtube Video / ***Website URL & Social Media Links /Service Areas ******(add all cities and zip codes that you work in) / All 4 Agent Specialties 
  13. Click “submit”
  14. Click “edit”
  15. Click “about me”
  16. Add your “*******Unique Value Benefits”  (what makes you special, what types of techniques you will use that other agents will not, or what specialties or niche skills you posses)

You will see a Zillow Profile that looks similar to this:

Jason Fox Zillow Profile


Optimize Your Zillow Profile

Along with the tips that are listed above that are of top priority to complete and/or add to your Zillow Profile, Zillow shows you exactly what you need to work on.

As you can see my Zillow Profile is only 75% optimized.

How to optimize a zillow profile

I need to get 5 Clients to Review Me.  I will not do this!!  I want all my reviews on Google Places and Yelp.

+1 My Profile to generate “Social Signals

Add a Widget or Badge to my site.  I will not do this!! This adds a schema formatted localized backlink to Zillow and helps them to rank higher than my personal site.

Answer questions on Advice.  I don’t do this because I am not an Agent. 

If you need help in getting your Zillow Profile set-up you can watch this informative video:

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