How To Exclude People From Facebook Ads

How To Exclude People From Facebook Ads


It sounds kind of negative and perhaps discriminatory to need to know how to exclude people from Facebook ads.  However, there may be a good reason for it. This was an email I recently received:

“When setting up a facebook ad, how do I make sure it does not show up in the stream of my competing realtors? I heard there is a way to do this by adding their phone numbers and emails somewhere in the system.” ~ Real Estate Agent


It makes sense that you may not want to waste your advertising money on your competition.  You can create a customized audience that you want to see your ads and this may “weed out” the people that you do not want to see it, but just to be sure.

How To Exclude People From Facebook Ads

You will need to get comfortable with the Facebook Power Editor to carry out this goal.


You access your Facebook Power Editor from your Ads Manager:



Once you have accessed the Power Editor you can create your Audience.  You must create an Audience whether you want to advertise to that group or exclude that group.

Click on the “Manage Ads” arrow then on the “Create Audience” arrow:

How_to_exclude_People_from_your_facebook_ad_-Audiences How_to_exclude_People_from_your_facebook_ad_-Custom_Audience


Facebook gives you a few different options for creating a “Custom Audience”.  You can import a .CSV file, import your Mailchimp Lists, Use the people from your app, or choose people who have visited your website.

(have I mentioned I love Mailchimp, it just seems like it works with everything!) How_to_exclude_People_from_your_facebook_ad_-Create_Custom_Audience


The inspiration for this post, the email I shared, asked how to exclude people via their phone number… you can select “Phone Numbers” here.

You will need to have a list of phone numbers saved on an excel sheet that you have converted to .CSV or on a “Notepad” .txt file:



Once you have created your “Custom Audience” that you want to advertise to, or exclude from your advertising go “Back to Ads”:



You will need to “Create an Ad” or edit an ad from an existing campaign: How_to_exclude_People_from_your_facebook_ad_-Create_Ad


You can learn more about creating an ad here:  How To Create A Facebook Ad


Once you have an ad created and an audience to advertise to you can add your audience that you would like to exclude:



Enter the name of the Lists that you created earlier that you would like to be excluded from your Facebook advertising:



Once your ad is created and your lists are excluded you will need to “Upload Changes” to your Facebook “Ads Manager”:

(this step is very important, if you forget to do this your ads will not go live.  As a Note… You should get an email from Facebook letting you know that your ad has been approved, or not approved)



That is “How to Exclude People from Facebook Ads”