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I received an IM from my friend Alysse [@MissBryson] who is the Publisher of the Seattle Met Magazine.  She was asking for a quick tip on how to increase the likes on one of their Lifestyle Fan Pages.  She said that they will get 500-1000 people to view individual photo galleries and like, tag, and comment on the photos, but they are not taking the initiative to become a fan of the page.

I replied, “you need a CTA“.  “CTA?”, was the reply.  A Call To Action!

You need to tell the readers that you want them to become a Fan of the page, then give them an incentive to do it, and make it as easy as possible.

I suggested she add an image to the end of each photo gallery with a picture of the “Like” button saying something like… If you would like to know when we add more images like these, don’t forget to push the “Like” button and become a Fan.

While I have no idea if that idea will work as planned, I do know that a call to action is necessary for an internet marketing campaign.

 *BTW:  There is not really a quick tip for getting more fans on your Facebook Page.

The Call To Action

Call to action (marketing)

A call to action, or CTA, is a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it and continue … ~

In sales there is one question that separates the Professionals from the Wanna be’s… Would you like to buy this product today?  It is called the close, or asking for the sale.  90% of sales people will do a fantastic job of building rapport, answering questions, demonstrating the benefits of a product, then #Fail to ask for the sale.

This is the equivalant of having a great website, promoting it, getting people to visit the site and read the well crafted content… and not asking for the lead.

An internet marketing campaign Call To Action is why we do what we do.  I mean, what is the point of having a website, social media, email newsletters, ads, etc. ?  It is to generate new business!  We need to ask for the sale, every time.

What is a little different than the sales story above is that we have different ideas of what an Internet Sale is.  For some businesses, it is litterally trying to sell their product via a shopping cart.  However, in the first story I told a sale was getting more Facebook Fans.

We can not ASS U ME that people know what we want them to do.  We have to tell them, make it easy to do, and give them an incentive to do it.

  • Look Here
  • Fill This Out
  • Download This
  • Become a Fan
  • Share This
  • Like That
  • Buy This
  • Comment On This
  • Get Our Free Report

How To Call To Action

At this point we are assuming that you have a Marketing Hub (blog), you have a Content Marketing Srtategy (are posting content regularly), and you are getting some traffic (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Blogger Network).  Before we talk about generating even more traffic let’s make sure that we are in a position to benefit from more traffic.  How to Generate Leads… using your blog is simple but not easy.

How To Generate Leads: Subscriber List

You can reasonably expect 1 of 2 forms of lead:  A lead contacts you via your posted phone number, email, contact us form, or social media platform… Or you collect their phone number and email information and contact them.  The latter being the overwhelmingly more successful manner for most websites.  In other words you can not put a blog up and sit back and wait for people to contact you… it just won’t happen that often.

Collect Email Addresses

In my 1-2 punch lead generation system article I explain that Punch 2, the knockout punch, is the E-mail Marketing.

In order to deliver that knockout blow you need to generate leads.  Have a list of email addresses to send your weekly newsletter to.  In other words a list of people that have given you permission to send them emails on a regular basis to keep you top of mind, and in a position to fill a need they might have when it arises.  An email list that you can send specials, offers, alerts, new products, or any call to action that you have going.

Contact Forms

In order to collect email address you will need to use contact forms.


They can be as extravagant as:

How To Generate Leads: Contact Form In depth


Or as simple as:

How to generate leads: contact form simple

Just remember that the more information that you request the less likely it is that you will collect it.

There are many ways to build contact forms into your WordPress Blog, including:

  1. Contact Form Plugins
    1. Formidable Forms (Free or Paid version)
    2. Gravity Forms (Free or Paid version)
    3. Jetpack Plugin (A solid free option)
    4. cForms II (Free, not as user friendly)
    5. Contact Forms 7 (Free, not as feature rich)
    6. Mailchimp or Aweber Plugins
  2. Email Marketing Program Embedable Forms
    1. Mailchimp (Awesome and free for most users)
    2. Aweber (Awesome)
  3. Wuufoo Embedable Form Builder (More work than I care for)
  4. Default Contact Us form included with your WordPress Theme
  5. Google Apps
  6. form

I personally use a combination of Formidable Pro and Mailchimp.  Both Formidable Pro and Gravity Paid have the ability to automatically dump email addresses into your MailChimp or Aweber email marketing database — This is strongly recommended.

Call To Action

Call to action

Call to action may refer to: Call to action (marketing), a key element of many styles of persuasion. ~ Wikipedia

As an internet browser and researcher you probably know that you are not going to fill out every form you come across.  As a matter of fact you probably are not going to fill out most forms that you come across.  So what is that makes you want to fill out a form on a website?


To Receive An In Depth Look At "Calls To Action" Free

Whether you are asking people to:

    • simply fill out your contact you form
    • request more information
    • subscribe to your newsletter
    • sign up for a contest
    • download an ebook
    • get a free report
    • receive a special promotion
    • get product or service updates
    • join your group
    • participate in a research project
    • complete a survey, buy something
    • ask for feedback
    • download software

there MUST be a reason why we ask people to complete our form.

I can not give you the perfect Call To Action as it will vary by profession, niche, target lead, website, area of the website, etc…

Give your visitors as many reasons as you can to complete your forms.  Don’t settle for just a Contact Us form or a subscribe button.  Add a call to action to each page, post, or widget box you create.  Give your visitors every reason possible to want to help you generate leads.

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