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A consistent Youtube Real Estate Channel can be 1 of the most powerful forms of Internet marketing.  Much like ESPN, NBC, and BRAVO are channel’s on TV, Youtube allows us to create our very own Youtube Chanel.  You can pick what you want on your channel.  Your videos, other videos, a custom look, a custom feel… then you can optimize, add content and market your channel to gain valuable Internet exposure.

Creating Your Youtube Real Estate Channel

1.  You will first need a Youtube account

  • Create Account
  • Add Profile Image
  • Connect your homepage to your Twitter Account
  • Do not choose a Category

2.  Once you have a Youtube Account

  • Click on your profile in upper right hand corner
  • Click on “My Channel”

Create Youtube Channel

3.  Create Your “Username” or the name that will be associated and indexed as the name of your Channel

  • By default Youtube will use your name as the “Username”
  • You can create a custom “Username”
  • Real Estate Agents… I recommend you use your name

Youtube Channel Username

4.  Customize Your Youtube Channel

  • Click On Channel Settings

Customize Youtube Channel

5.  Appearance

  • You can either upload a custom background
  • Or choose a custom background color
Youtube Channel Settings

6.  Info and Settings

  • Add a Keyword Optimized Channel description
  • Add your keywords as tags
  • Edit the Channel URL to your name, your business name, or your keywords

Youtube Channel Info and Settings

7.  Tabs or your Youtube Real Estate Channel Layout

  • Change default tab to “Featured Tab”
  • Check “Featured”
  • Select your preferred layout

Youtube Channel Tabs

8.  Add Video

  • Now matter which layout you choose you need a “Featured Video”
  • This is the video that all visitors will be focused on when they visit your Channel.


  • If you do not have your own video… you can use other people’s video’s until you upload your own.
  • In order to do this click on “Browse Videos”
  • You can add videos a number of ways 

Youtube Channel Featured Video

  • The easiest is to “Create a Playlist”
  • Call it Favorites
  • Then search Youtube for a video that represents your business.  ex:  A Go to video from your brokerage or broker, a tourist video of the city you specialize in, a video from a mentor, or maybe a cute, funny or inspirational video that represents how you do business.
  • Once you find a video and click “Add To”
  • Click on Favorites

Youtube Channel Adding Favorites

  • Once you have videos in your Favorites playlist go back to your Channel
  • Click on “Featured Video”
  • Under “choose a featured video” select “Favorites”
  • Select your “Featured Video”

Youtube Channel Featured Video Selection

9.  Continue Adding Videos

  • As you create new videos and find videos on Youtube you like you can add them to your channel


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