How To Maximize Your Real Estate Conference Experience #Infographic

How To Maximize Real Estate Conferences

The Real Estate WordPress Website building folks at Placester put together an interesting new Infographic:  “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Money’s Worth from Conferences”.

Going to Real Estate Conferences can be a great way to sharpen your skills, network, learn about new technology, and get inspired.

No grand idea was ever born in a conference, but a lot of foolish ideas have died there. – F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Real Estate Conferences 2014


Maximize Your Real Estate Conference Experience

1.  Know what you want out of your conference experience

2.  Plan your trip well

Book your hotel early
Make a list of all events you want to attend through the year
Contact the organizer directly to find out about discounts
Try to stay at the events hotel
Join the conference’s social networks and email list
Follow the conference #HashTag
Install the conference App
Bring business cards
Prepare your swag

3.  Research the city you are visiting and prepare accordingly

Comfy Shoes
Adequate battery for your electronic devices
Breath freshener
Plan for wi-fi or cell coverage
Chargers for all devices
An extension cord

4. Don’t let technology bring you down

Keep a printed schedule
Bring your charger with you
Prepare questions ahead of time
Have a backup plan
How will you take notes?
Will you take photos?

5. Socialize

Use the social networks to meet new people
Try to meet 10 new people every day
Invite someone out with your group
Don’t eat alone
Show up early and mingle
Attend Meet ups and Happy Hours

6. Network

Use the conference for Content Creation

Live blog the best speeches and presentations
Create lists of the most memorable speakers, or tools
Keep a journal to inspire blog posts for later
Use the event #Hashtag to increase your visibility
Post images of your day
Track and respond to your own buzz
Have a plan

Share with your team

Poll your team ahead of time to find out what they are interested in learning
Share the information you have collected
Recap the event with your blog posts and images
How will you share what you have learned
Create a private group for your team on social media

Follow UP

Set follow-up meetings with people you meet
How will you collect and manage business cards
Make a twitter list of people you meet
Follow speakers on social media
Write notes on the business cards you collect to help you remember the person
Introduce yourself to speakers and presenters
Follow up in person as soon as possible

Send your feedback

Send a thoughtful email to the organizers
Fill out the comment cards
Don’t complain, tell an authority

7.  Real Estate Conference Tips

Drink lots of water
Carry healthy snacks
Try to eat smart
Take time to rest when appropriate
No Hangovers!
Have fun


For the complete How To please check out, and share this infographic by Placester: