Did Someone Else Build Your WordPress.org Blog?

If you have a WordPress.org Blog, congratulations you made a wise decision.  If you are not posting new blog posts to that blog at least 1 time a week, we need to work on that.  You may not be posting original content 1 time a week because you do not know what to blog about, or maybe you are just to busy, perhaps you have a blogging service that is doing posts for you, or maybe you just do not know how.

If You Do Not Know How To Post To Your WordPress.org Blog:

Wordpress.org Blog Login Page

1.  You need to know what the Domain of your WordPress Blog is ex: https://www.jasonfox.me

2.  Simply take the Domain name and add /wp-admin to the end ex: https://www.jasonfox.me/wp-admin

3.  This will pull up the WordPress Login Page for your Blog that looks like this >>>

4.  You will need your Username.  By default WordPress makes this:  admin

5.  If you do not have your password, click the “Lost Your Password” Link.  This will trigger WordPress to send you an email that will have a password reset link.

6.  Then click the “Login” button

7.  This will bring you to the Backend of your WordPress.org blog that will something like this:

Wordpress.org Blog Backend

8.  In the left hand column look for the Category “Posts”

9.  That will open up a couple Sub-Categories, click on “Add New” and your screen should look like this:

Wordpress.org Blog Add new Post

10.  Add Your New Blog Post

10.1  Give your blog post a Title ex:  8 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home For Sale

10.2  Add content ex:  Look at this blog post

10.3  Add at least one image.  Click “Add Media”.

10.4  Schedule your post delivery time unless you want it to post immediately then

10.5 Click “Publish”

BOOM Your Very Own Worpdress.org Blog Post

This is the simplified version and there are many complex blog post instructions that I did not add for the sake of SIMPLY STARTING your Blog Post Campaign.

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