How to use paid social media ads

How Top Advertisers Use Paid Social Media Ads [Report]

Paid Social Media Ads basically means Facebook Ads.  But you can advertise on Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube as well.  The folks at have released their “THE PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADs REPORT 2013” and there are some marketing nuggets I would like to share.  Though none of it is very surprising.

The report boils down to businesses spending more money on Social Media Ads, but not much more.  Running paid social media ads fairly consistently, but rarely all by themselves.  Currently the main goal is brand awareness.  Businesses would like better metrics to find ROI and actual revenue generated.  If these metrics and benchmarks were more concrete the majority of businesses polled would increase their paid social media ads.

Most businesses, marketer’s and advertising agencies see potential in paid social media ads,  but are not yet convinced of the value.


Paid Social Media Ads Report Data


  • 64% of advertisers say they believe their paid social media ads budget will increase.  However, 41% say by less than 10%.  




  • 39% of advertisers said they would pull the additional budget for paid social media ads from their offline campaign budget.  41% said that social media has its own budget.



  • The Primary Focus of paid social media advertising, currently, is branding, or brand awareness.



  • There is a large gap between what Metrics advertiser’s would like to measure and what the Social Media channels can offer.



  • Social Media Channels can measure the Metrics: “Likes”, Click Throughs, and Views.  Advertiser’s would like:  Sales Generated, Brand Lift, Shares/Reposts



  • Only 28% surveyed feel that paid social media ads are effective and produce a measurable ROI.



  • Again, we can see a large gap between what advertiser’s want in a successful campaign vs. what Social Media publisher’s say happens.



  • Not surprisingly, an average of 62% of surveyed say they would spend more on paid social media ads if they could measure ROI



The primary benefit of Social Media ads is Brand Awareness.  While this is a valuable service, the burden seems to be on the social media publisher’s to create an ROI metric that advertiser’s can use to increase paid social media ads campaign budget.

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