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How To Easily Improve Alexa Rank By 80k in 1 Week

If you are not familiar with Alexa then what I did to improve Alexa rank is not going to mean much.

Alexa is owned by and is considered a fairly good measuring stick for website rankings.  Alexa measures all the web traffic on the internet and ranks sites based on how much of that traffic they receive.

Alexa Internet

Alexa Internet, Inc. the webpages viewed are only ranked amongst users who have these sidebars installed, and may be biased if a specific
Alexa’s Top 10 Sites:

While gauging your site by your Alexa rank is not a sign of success, it is a strong indicator.

When your website is first built it is ranked as the 25,000,000th most popular website.  In order for your site to make money just from traffic you need to be around the top 100,000th.


What I Did To Improve Alexa Rank

On Monday of last week my Alexa ranking was the 436,000th most popular website on the internet.  Today it is 352,000th most popular.  That is a 80k jump in 1 week.  What did I do?

I posted 6 blog posts in the same span of time that I usually post 1.  

2 weeks ago I wrote a blog post that asked if, “Blogging Is Dead“?  In which I shared some analytics from a benchmark report that was done by Hubspot (All In One Marketing Software).  The data showed that the amount of traffic and leads that your website gets will increase the more that you post new content.  I wanted to prove that data.

Just in case you don’t put a ton of stock into Alexa Rankings:

How To Improve Alexa Rank


As you can see above these are my analytics for the last week.  Over 14k hits and over 4k unique visitors.


Why It Was Easy To Improve Alexa Rank

Writing 6 blog posts in a week was easy?  Yes.  because I did not write any of them.

1   Post was guest written by a friend:

 Top 10 Home Staging Tips  

 Posts were guest written using a service called,

The Changing Face of Organic Search,

Top 7 strengths of a successful Blog

10 Questions To Ask Real Estate Agents 

1   Post was created using, granted on this one I did need to do a bit of writing and create the list, but it was easy:

 Help Build A List of Must Have Internet Marketing Tools [Interactive] 

1   Post was created using Squirrly SEO Plugin and their “Inspiration Box”, again minimal writing was necessary to give the post life, but it was easy:

The story of Jason Fox Using Only The Squirrly Plugin


The Secret Sauce

As I mentioned above success is not achieved when you Improve Alexa Rank.  Success depends on you and your business model.  For me it is getting subscribers to my email list and selling the products that I use on a weekly basis.

I acheived an increase in both those goals over the last week.

It is also important to point out that I do not just post content and sit back and wait for my website traffic, leads, and sales to increase.You can read more about that in, “How I got 10k Unique Visitors Last Month“.   In addition to that list I have recently added using, where you can join a “Tribe” of like minded bloggers and help each other succeed.


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    This is fantastic info. Well written and easy to follow as a checklist for duplicating your results. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    This really is some good information. Personally I am just beginning on my journey to improve my website and its rankings. I was able to get it from 12.7 million to under 9 million in just a few days. All I did was install the toolbar and submit to a few directories. Thanks for your information!

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    Is Guest Posting and generating quality back links will help alexa rank? If yes, then what are the factors We need to concentrate while focusing on guest blogging?

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