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Internet Marketing is About Content, SEO Content, Social Content, Traffic Content, CONTENT

It seems like everywhere I look Internet Marketing is about Content.  You want SEO… Content.  You want Social Engagement… Content.  You want more Traffic… Content.  How about collecting and nurturing leads… you guessed it Content.  

It is like Marsha Brady, all anybody is talking about is content, Content, CONTENT!

The majority of the sales calls that I receive is a potential client asking me for help with… Content.

What is Content?

Have you heard the saying that Content is King?  And then thought… what the H E Double Hockey Sticks does that mean.  Let’s break it down.

Content – “In media production and publishing, content is information and experiences that may provide value for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Content may be delivered via any medium such as…” (

Below is a comprehensive collection of Content Marketing pieces and how to use it to influence your readers:

 Internet Marketing is about Content

This particular Inforgraph is quite thorough and shows 27 different forms of Content.

I am going to suggest that the average Real Estate Professional or Small Business Owner is not going to have the time nor the budget to tackle anywhere near all 27 of these. In addition within a few of these categories are sub categories.


My Internet Marketing is About Content List:

  1. Blog

    1.  SEO Optimized Blog Posts 
    2. 2-3 Posts Per Week
    3. Here I will share Infographics, Trend Reports, Events, eNews, Case Studies, Checklists, etc…
  2. Social Media Posts

    1. Facebook
      1. Personal Profile
        1. 5-7 Personal Posts per week (pictures, quotes, fun stories)
      2. Business Page
        1. Syndication of my Blog Posts
        2. 1 Unique Perfect Facebook Post that I Boost with Facebook Ads
    2. Twitter
      1. Syndicate each blog post 10 x’s using Buffer App
      2. Share 10-20 quality blog posts from my Triberr Marketing Tribe
    3. Linkedin
      1. Syndicate each blog post 10x’s using Buffer App
      2. Linkedin Groups
        1. Individually share each blog post to 50 Linkedin Groups
    4. Goolge +
      1. Share my blog post on my Google + Profile
      2. Share my blog post on my Goolge + Page
      3. Communities
        1. Much like Linkedin Groups you can join Google + Communities
        2. Share topic related paragraph with an image and link to my blog post with relevant Communities
    5. Pinterest
      1. Share the images from my blog posts on SEO Optimized Targeted Pinterest Boards
    6. All Others
      1. I use Onlywire to syndicate to over 40 Social, Bookmarking, sites (be careful with this one_
  3. Email Marketing

    1. I set up a weekly RSS Fed Email Marketing Newsletter
    2. I send 1 unique content email every 2-3 weeks in an attempt to sell a product
    3. Occasionally I will send a survey here
  4. Videos

    1. (I must first admit that over the last year I have not been as diligent in my video creation as I should have been.  This has been mostly due to a strategical move that I was making.  While trying to position myself as an authority, I thought it was important that I had a strong foundation of text before I focused on video. )
    2. 1 Branded High Quality Business Video
    3. 1-2 (1-2 minute) Content based Youtube Videos per week (I did this for 2 years and received over 40k Youtube views)
  5. Webinars

    1. 1-2 Content Based, Sales Mined Webinars per year
  6. Press Release

    1. Press Releases are situational rather than scheduled
  7. Ebooks

    1. (I am currently in the process of repurposing my text blog content into a series of eBooks)
    2. I create Excel Templates and offer them for the price of an email address
    3. I collect the best eBooks and offer them on my blog with retribution to the author
    4. If you are interested in making your own ebook
  8. Landing Pages

    1. I create a Landing Page for each product or service that I want to promote
  9. General Website Content

    1. About Jason Fox Page
    2. Products and Services
    3. Affiliate or Sales Page
  10. Guest Posts

    1. approximately 1 time a month I will write a guest blog post for a fellow blogger
  11. Digital Advertising

    1. Along with occasionally promoting a Facebook Fan Page post, I also run 1 Facebook Ad Campaign
    2. I do not use this to generate traffic, but rather for brand awareness.

As you can see I LEVERAGE The heck out of my Blog Posts.  Some marketers will tell you this is not the best possible strategy, and they are correct.  It is however, a strategy that both works and is manageable.  

If you are anything like me then you have to wear Many different hats, and Marketing Manager is one of them.

Content Schedule:

Daily: Facebook Profile

Weekly: 2-3 Blog Posts, 1 Video Blog, Visit Triberr

Bi Weekly: 1 Handwritten Sales Email

Monthly: Guest Blog Post

Yearly: 1-2 Webinars

1 Time: Create Facebook Ad Campaign, Website Content, Create RSS Fed Email Newsletter, Setup Onlywire, Create Landing Page, Branded Business Video, Create Ebook, Create Press Release



Internet Marketing is About Content

In my list of 10 content creation suggestions you will cover all the basics of Internet Marketing.

SEO Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Collection, Lead Nurturing, Increased Traffic, Increased Conversions, etc…

Need help with creating content? Blog Post Ideas?

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