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Is Email Dead? 5 Reasons Why Email Is Not Dying

Have you heard, people are asking is email dead.  Reading through multiple  blogs on a daily basis has its advantages… I am up 

5 Reasons Why Email is Not Dead or Dying.

to the second educated on these subjects.  It also has its disadvantages… many of these blogs try to stay ahead of technology by predicting what might happen in the future of business. 

I appreciate opinion as much as the next guy, but sometimes they are wrong. 

I have read many times that Email is dead or dying, I disagree.

1.  Subscribe To Blog

To answer the question is email dead my first suggestion  is in relation to how I got the idea to write this post.  I found a blog that I enjoyed and decided that I would like to read more of what that site/author wrote about.  

I subscribed to their blog feed and now receive their blog in my email inbox on a daily or weekly basis. 

It allows me to stay up to date on their subject and I very rarely will ever go to their actual site.

2.  Email Marketing

I enjoy getting it, I enjoy sending it, I enjoy creating it… Ok I am getting carried away but email marketing is a great way to get more business. 

I get an inquiry about business (hot lead)  80% of the time I send out an sales email to my database.

What do you do with your leads?  Well you get an email address, so I guess you send them emails.  If you are a rabid Unsubsriber you may think that it is ineffective, but that is not the case. 

True, when I send an email only 20% of the recipients open the email and only 3% of those will click on a link… Even if they do not open the email they still saw my name or business in the subject line.  Top of Mind Marketing is priceless.

Twitter Log3. What is going to kill Email? 

Social Media?  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… they have tried or are trying but it is not working.  I will tell you why. 

There is not another platform that is going to be accepted by EVERY BUSINESS IN THE WORLD!! 

Sure Facebook has hundreds of  millions of users… but according to the Radicati Group, there are over 2.9 Billion email accounts.  I personally have all my notifications set up on my social media accounts so that when someone comments, messages, Retweets, connects, follows me, etc… I get an Email.

4. What is an Internet Lead?

This one goes hand in hand with reason 2 but I felt it deserved its own number.  What will businesses collect on their websites if there is no email?

If you would like to get my Super Incredible Awesome Information please fill out this form and give me your… Name? ok but useless.   Phone Number? great but people are pretty leery of giving their phone number.  Twitter Handle?  great but only small percentage of my clients have one.  Facebook Profile URL?  wonderful except you still need to have them accept your friend request, awkward!

5.  Daily deals delivered in your email inbox

This is the one I think we can all relate to.  Getting Groupons and Living Social emails in our inbox everyday.  This is basically junk mail, but we asked for it, and in many cases really enjoy getting it.

Taking reasons 1-5 and boiling them down to their essence what do we get?  Simplicity.  If I set up my Subscribes, Campaigns, Notifications, Opt in forms, Deals, and Blog Comments to my email address, then a large proportion of my marketing is easily monitored from one easy to use location.


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Is email dead?  What do you think?

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