You Don’t Need To Be Lady GaGa To Launch A Press Release


Launch a Press ReleaseWhy the heck would you launch a Press Release?  To generate a ton of traffic, to increase your SEO, to look cool.  Ok well maybe looking cool isn’t that important but it sure doesn’t hurt.

I recently launched a Press Release for a client that has a great little niche that she is trying to promote for her business.  I used a Press Release Service that I am comfortable with and was again ecstatic with the results.  So ecstatic that I wanted to share them with you.

What Should You Release

When I used to think of the phrase Press Release I thought it must be news worthy of getting 24 hour coverage on CNN.  But that is not the case.  Generally speaking most events that happen within your business are Press Release Worthy, such as:

  • Alliance with another organization
  • Awards
  • Company birthday
  • Donations, grants, etc. you are giving/receiving
  • New product, services, employees, clients
  • Special events

Any of these events and many other things give you a great excuse to Launch a Press Release and get your business some additional exposure.

How Do I Launch A Press Release

The easiest way is to hire a Press Release Company that already has a relationship with media sources and can syndicate your press release to all of them at once.   Most of these types of service will ask you fill out a form and will syndicate that out the all the media sources, the form includes:

  • Headline
  • Website Link
  • The Story
  • Personal Quotation
  • Media Files
  • A Photo
  • A Logo
  • A Summary
  • Your Contact Information

What Kind Of Results Will I Get

Here is an Analytical Report that I received from the last Press Release that I launched.  Launch a Press Release.

The highlights of the report are:

  • Total Media Source Deliveries: 6,639
  • Total Impressions: 31,33
  • Total Reads: 86
  • Total Interactions: 31
What Are Your Experiences With Launching a Press Release?
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