Local SEO Ranking Factors

What Are The Local SEO Ranking Factors?  [Report]

Thank you to the Moz Team for putting together their awesome “The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors” report.  

Local SEO has been a thing for a few years, I have been asking Real Estate Agents and Small Business owners to get a Google Place for years…. and to blog about stuff in their city and neighborhoods.  But as I have talked about more recently, Local SEO Ranking has become vitally important for you.

I am continually confused at how many Real Estate Professionals and Small Business Owners do not have a Google Place, or it is the old information, and it is not optimized.


Local SEO Ranking Factors

If you want to be on the first page of Google when some searches for the type of product or service you offer and adds the name of your city before or after that search… that is Local SEO.

ex:  Boston Plumber, Hair Salon Los Angeles, Real Estate Agent Seattle, Landscaper Atlanta, Pizza New York

This report will help you focus your efforts to make that a possibility.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

According to a survey of top SEO professionals:

  • 19.6% of Local SEO ranking factors are based off of your Google Place. 
    • Does your business category match what the searcher is searching for?
    • Is the keyword the searcher used in your business name
    • How close your business is to the searcher


  • 18.8% is based off of On Page SEO of your website
    • Do you have the matching NAP schema on your site
    • Do you have what the searching is searching for in the title of your site
    • Is your site considered authoratative by the search engines


  • 16% is based on External Business Listings
    • Is your business listed on all the major Business Citation Creating sites
    • Is your NAP (business Name, Address, Phone number) consistent and correct on all those sites
    • How many citations do you have


  • 14.4% is based on more traditional Link Based SEO
    • Do you have inbound links with anchor text that matches what the Local Search is for
    • How much authority does the site have that gave you those links
    • How many of those links do you have


  • 10.3% is based off of Reviews
    • How many reviews does your business have
    • How high are your star rankings
    • How diverse are the rankings that you have


  • 8.3% is based on Personalization
    • I am a bit unclear as to what is meant here… but I am assuming things like adding images and deals to your Place
    • Geotagging your logo or images
    • Local Area Code on your Place Page


  • 6.3% is based on Social Signals
    • How many +1’s, Likes, and Tweets your site has


  • 6.1% is based on your Mobile Presence and how searchers react to your search results
    • What percentage of people click on your business search result when it is generated
    • What percentage click on the call your business on mobile
    • What percentage of people “check-in” to your business


There is more to the report than this… including a complete list of all factors that were mentioned that are considered “Foundational Ranking Factors” and “Competitive Difference Makers”.



Local SEO ranking factors are fairly complex, but not nearly competitive as “National” Organic SEO rankings, or even AdWords.  There is still an opportunity for most businesses to optimize their Local SEO and generate quality, local leads.

Like I said in the beginning… If you do not have a Google Place that is optimized, verified, and current.  Stop what you are doing and do it right now!




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