First of all, why did Google call this algorithmn Hummingbird? Did you ever ask yourself about this? I know I did. Did you know that hummingbird can flap their wings over 100 in a second? They weigh lighter than a penny! Wow…this little creature has power. That’s probably why Google used the name “hummingbird” because of the speed and precision.

While Panda and Penguin is a tweak of Google, Hummingbird is the NEW Google.

On October 3rd, 2013, the new Hummingbird algorithmn was released. So now what? Although I do not really write for the search engine, this is the subject that is hard to ignore. I hate doing keyword searching and basically, I don’t even check my Keyword Analyzer for keywords. But occassionally I will check my “headline” and that’s about it.

So I mentioned…

• power

• speed

• precision

All these years Google have been trying to refine their search engine. Because of their algorithmn that is what made them number one. And now with the Google Hummingbird, they have created a much powerful search engine, much more precise, and a lot faster than it was before.

So how do you make your website hummingbird compliant?

Should you worry? I don’t think so. If you have been optimizing your site based on Panda and Penguin guidelines, you have been checking for duplicates in your site and you have been writing quality content, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, this should improve your ranking.

How does a Hummingbird work?

To illustrate to you how it works, let me briefly give you a couple of queries.

On the first query this is the normal search we enter on Google search using a computer and a keyboard. However, the second query is done on iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, or Tablet via voice. Now you can have it on your “computer” as well. If you download the latest Chrome, you can search on Google via voice. Here’s how: Voice Search on Google

So the NEW Google now is optimize for humans as if you’re having a normal conversation with a person. Perhaps this is the most important and the biggest change of all. And so after you inquired the 2nd question you can ask, “How tall is it?” Google will remember it and give you the exact height of the building. For more information please read HERE.

I have actually downloaded the latest Chrome (Version 31.0.1650.48) and I tried to speak on my computer and said, “Mount Everest.” It gave me the information of Mount Everest. Then I said, “How tall is it?” Then a woman speak and said, “29,029′ (8,848 m)” — it also showed me the graphics of it. So this is pretty neat guys!!! I’m stoked.

I know some of the people who have been online for over 10 years are not too happy about this. But since I just started my website on January 2013, I’m not affected at all. Tell you the truth, I don’t really care about the Page Rank. I know it’s important but this is not my main focus. Remember, we concentrate on writing “quality content” and have quality backlinks.

How to get a higher ranking?

…and so if you are already writing quality content for your website, your ranking should improve. If your income is based on Google Adsense alone, you need to diversify your resources. Google can change a lot and if your traffic is relying alone on search engine, you will encounter a tremendous loss. Organic traffic is no longer the same as it was in 2004. Way back then, it was a lot simpler.

Robin said, “To maintain, and even increase your … site’s pagerank, strive to update it with fresh and high quality content on a regular basis. This is where a blog is extremely useful. You want to publish at least three new blog posts each week.”

But I don’t even write 3x a week. To me this is too much. I used to post 2x a week until one day I have to alter that to only once-a-week. Google wants to see updates on a regular basis. If you just started blogging online, you don’t have that much traffic to keep your readers occupied. Some people work on a 9-5 job and if you are posting this much, they would have a hard time keeping up with you.

Also, Steve Scott emphasized on his book that writing 4x a month is essential. You don’t have to post 3x a week to get 100,000 visitors a month. But instead, he said, you should write a “killer content” for others as a guest poster. Get quality link from some of the influencers and you will be okay.

Here is another video showing you a demonstration how Hummingbird works by simply putting a microphone in your computer. It’s like talking to your iPhone, iPad, or Tablet.

So therefore, the Google of today wants you to have that “conversational search.”

…and so if you didn’t have quality content to begin with and you just relied on search engine then, I’m not sure what to tell you other than start writing “quality content” on your blog on a regular basis. You need at least 5 good quality content to start with. Start Guest Posting on other blogs. Read 5 different blogs a days within your niche. Then you better start leaving “quality comment” that adds value to their post. This is the start to bring in quality traffic. By doing this, you build good network relationship.

Google is not revealing their cards. As I talk to Lisa Irby about this, nobody knows.

Lisa Irby said, “And finally, we all have to understand that Google favors brands now more than ever. That’s not going to change because they are making more and more money with AdWords. So some of the strategies that used to work just won’t anymore. So your best Hummingbird strategy is to diversify away from Google as much as you can, as ironic as that sound.

I feel like a lot of people (especially those who were used to getting a ton of search engine traffic for years) are stuck. They keep looking for ways to “fix” their sites when there isn’t anything broken. Google has changed how they rank sites and it’s a big disadvantage to us, the little guys. So a lot of times we aren’t doing anything wrong, this is just the new era of Google.”

The importance of social media…

If you are not promoting your business in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest, you better start now. This is a free advertising you can use that is always effective.

Also, I have been using Triberr to promote my site. I’ve only been with them for over 2 months and now my page have 8 million views!! I’m absolutely flabbergasted. This site is one of the best site for quality bloggers. My traffic has gone up more than 38% since I joined Triberr. You don’t have to join every single social media out there, you can have one to three. Pick the one you like best.

I guess the good ol’ days when you just create a website and never updated it and yet the traffic are still going is now GONE. Now, you have to establish your network relationship with everybody. Marketing Strategy have changed tremendously. So the best marketing strategy nowadays is relationship…relationship…relationship. Build your Network Relationship.

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So one of the greatest advice I can give you is…NEVER ever write for the SEO but rather you need to write quality content for humans. I didn’t mean you should ignore SEO; it is important. But you now see that you cannot rely on Google alone. Again, you need to diversify your traffic. So even if Google change their algorithmn you will be SAFE.

Is there anything else I have missed? Perhaps you can contribute your feedback on this. What are your thoughts as far as the hummingbird algorithm is concerned? Did it affect you that much? Did you lose a lot of traffic? How did you solve this issue? Please share us your experience.

NOTE: The hummingbird animated gif is taken from Rafael Danel Google+ profile.

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