“Sitting exactly where you sit today, in exactly the clothes you are wearing, and with your specific distinct personality you have immense, wild, and contagious power.” ~ Matt Parker


If you are a basketball fan, like I am, either of the NCAA or NBA, you know the yearly champion doesn’t win by that much.  Yeah, at the end of the season, there’s a big parade for the winner and a lot of hullabaloo, but, it’s not like the champion was twice as good, or even 10 percent better than their peers.  Usually, the NBA champion wins three to five regular season or playoff games that really decide their moving forward or not, and these, they win by four to twelve points.


So, the NBA champion wins by less than one half of 1 percent more production than second place (< .05%) and gets one heck of a party for it.


The same is true of top selling real estate agents, and I had to learn this lesson the hard way.


I started selling the last time the market was really, really, hot: 2006.  It took me about eighteen months to get any potential customer to give me the time of day.  Finally, after a lot of failure (learning), I started going on listing appointments with top listing agents.  We were driving the same cars, wearing the same clothes, and even using similar tools, but they were beating me out of the stadium.  What were they doing?


Two things: marketing, and, perhaps more importantly, their explanation of the value of marketing.


As real estate brokers, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking all of our websites, marketing, listing placement, and SEO are the same; that every broker “markets the same:”  that all of our listings end up looking the same way in the same places.  Its hard to imagine any basketball player having the same attitude — “Theres not much I can do to win, besides show up and play.”  


The best athletes, and the best brokers understand the nuances, however slight, that set them apart from their peers.  Those small nuances lead to big wins, your own big parades.  The first time I saw a hugely successful listing agent deliver a listing presentation, electronically, using his website, I realized there were small things I was not doing that make a HUGE difference.  I realized if I didn’t adapt these small things, I would never succeed as a real estate agent.


The Real Estate Sales Secret

That’s why I wrote The Real Estate Sales Secret, which could have been called The Real Estate Sales NON-Secret; so that folks who are truly trying to break through in real estate could quickly execute some very slight, very precise, very proven marketing tactics and make some paychecks and gain some confidence immediately.


What technical advantage sets your listing apart?

How does your marketing, seemingly simliar to most others, differ in it’s ability to produce results?

How do you explain why your marketing works, and sell your specific service?


These are a few of the small things, applicable to most today, that will cost you a listing, or, conversely, win you several.  It’s no exaggeration to say one listing can start an avalanche of business and roll you forward.  It’s also not an exaggeration to say the top listing agents aren’t twice, or even 10 percent better, than their peers.  They are slightly better, and this makes all the difference.

Understanding and subsequently explaining internet marketing to your customers isn’t hard.  But, if you can’t do it, you are missing many agents’ competitive advantage; their ability to simply demonstrate proficiency with regard to the media that help us sell real estate in the twenty-first century.


How do you use websites to sell real estate?

How to you strategically manage your listing imagery (photos)?

What human senses do you appeal to with your electronic marketing?


The answers are important, a listing agent’s ability to explain them, more so.


“In The Real Estate Sales Secret Matt Parker has created the new generation strategy for listing and selling real estate.” – Daniel Nieder, Real Estate Investor


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Guest Post By:  Matt Parker