New Google Databoard

Wow The New Google Databoard: Beautiful Inspiration For Data Focused Content

 I was just trying to figure out how I could create my own Infographic.  There are a few really cool Infographic creation websites:  |  |  Piktochart  | Easel.Ly  |  It was that gave me the inspiration for this post.

Problem:  While there are plenty of websites to help you create a beautiful looking Infographic it is all B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Data)

Solution:  The New Google Databoard!

 “Need some stats for a presentation? You shouldn’t have to go data mining. We’ve created this interactive tool to help you quickly find what you need from our vast archives of industry-leading research. It’ll even help you tell a story from the stats, turning selected charts and data points into infographics that you can share.” (source:  Google Databoard)

Response:  Awesome!


Google Databoard

I created a demo Infographic about “Shopping on different sources of internet: Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet” in less than 5 minutes, by clicking a few buttons.  That part of it is pretty cool.

This is not going to replace the aforementioned Infographic producing sites.  Currently the data is limited, the design is limited, and you are able to share your creation via, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Link.  

There is no embed feature.  In order to see the Demo Infographic I created you have to click the link.  

That being said we know Google is the King of Big Data and I am sure they will be adding to the available data quickly.  So for now I will be taking their data to a true Infographic creation site.

Creating a popular Infographic can be great for your SEO and website traffic.


Google gives us a beautiful introduction to the new Google Databoard in this video:


Do you think you will have any use for the Google Databoard?

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