OC/DC Is TNT And SEO Is On a Highway To Hell?


OC/DC what is it?  Well it is not a famous Australian Rock Band.

Optimizing Content for Discovery & Conversion (OC/DC) ~ Copyblogger

I am a big fan of @Copyblogger and can appreciate what they are trying to say with this Infographic.

While I do not agree that SEO is Dead, rather it is an overused and misunderstand form of marketing that is ever evolving.

I do fully agree with this Simple yet Powerful guide.



Ultimately they are the same thing.  A form of advertising in which you use a “Particular Set Of Skills” to increase your Marketing ROI.

Or simply…  Get traffic, convert traffic, sell to leads, increase revenue.

Bottom Line:  We build websites to make money!

What I get out of what Copyblogger is trying to say is; the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been used by Marketing Folks on the web a million different ways to sell products and services, both legitimate and illegitimate.

For example:

SEO Optimized WordPress Theme  —  What does that even mean?  If you use a theme that is SEO optimized are you going to rank on search engines as soon as you set up your WordPress Website and you will instantly get quality traffic that turns into paying customers?  NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Depending on the Developer of a theme marketed in this way it could mean nothing, or it could mean that it was designed to be light on code, or it could be referring to the fact that any WordPress Theme is SEO optimized because it is a publishing tool, or it could mean that it has the ability to create custom Titles, Meta Tags, and Breadcrumbs, or it could mean…  I think you get the point.  It is an abstract statement that carries very little weight.

The term OC/DC on the other hand is quite specific about how you should go about achieving results.  “Optimizing Content For Discovery and Conversion”.

Don’t get me wrong while the statement is much more specific and defined it is not a Simple Process, much like the original SEO Marketing.


Copyblogger’s Explanation Of OC/DC:

Infographic by:  Copyblogger

SEO is Dead



As you can see by the chart there are many factors involved in this new SEO.  Whether you agree that SEO is dead or not, I think you will find value in what is being presented in this chart.


  • On-Site Optimization
    • WordPress Website
    • Fast and Flexible
      • Site should load in under 3 seconds
      • Must be Mobile Responsive
    • Useful Content
      • Create content that solves problems
      • Content fits seamlessly on your site
    • Design Optimized For Conversion
      • Test your conversion tools


  • External Optimization
    • Strategic in Targeting Traffic
      • Build “Keyword Context” across your site
        • Definition of “con·text”:  The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.
      • Smart and Informed Social Media Marketing
      • Increase exposure with Syndication Marketing
    • Ready To Refine Your Tactics As You Go