New Responsive Real Estate Theme - Phoenix

Placester Unveils Another New Responsive Real Estate Theme 

If you are not familiar with Placester Real Estate Websites you can read my Placester Review.  They have called the new wordpress theme, Phoenix, the name of a large city as they do with all of their themes.

With its elegant, understated design that includes plenty of white space, Phoenix is the perfect theme for getting your branding, listings, and content to stand out. (Placester)


Phoenix Theme by Placester

New Responsive Real Estate Theme

The Phoenix theme is the definition of beautiful simplicity.
Simplicity, we are quickly learning, is the true Key to web design.  The average website visitor will give your site 8 seconds of attention.  You need to grab that attention quickly, using focus.
Much like a home the more clutter you have laying about the less relaxed you feel.
If you are interested in seeing more of the Phoenix Theme you can visit:



Responsive WordPress Websites are websites that “Adapt” to whatever screen you are viewing them on.  
Whether you are viewing this site on a High Res Mac 24″ screen, or a Retina Display iPad Mini… the site will readjust itself to display properly, while still maintaining your customized design.


Placester has their own RETS powered IDX feed that fits beautifully with their custom themes.  Not only is it beautiful and functional, but it is very easy to use.

You can view the Placester IDX on this site I built for the Jon Modene Team.



Placester utulizes, WordPress, Plugins, IDX, CRM, and Marketing to create a Real Estate Website Platform to address the 18 Must Have Features on a Real Estate Website Home Page.  Even though you will create an account on the Placester Platform you are still using WordPress.



Like all the theme’s that Placester builds they are built on the CMS Platform.  The world’s most popular CMS and my personal favorite.  

The benefits of being on WordPress are many, but none more powerful than the ease by which you can add content to your site.



p style=”text-align: center;”>The Placester Responsive Real Estate Theme is easy, but not simple, to set-up.  If you would like me to get your Placester Site developed for you please complete this form:  Placester With IDX Build Form

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