Real Estate Agent Social Media Guide

Helpful tips for todays real estate brokers to grow their social media presence.

“… Real estate companies that can harness the power of social media to manage and market property will gain enormous advantage over laggards in this arena,” wrote the study’s authors. #Duh! (source: Inman News)

I know, another post about Real Estate Social Media… yeah another post.

Look, I know that I am supposed to eat healthy.  But I don’t.  Then sometimes when I see one of the Zillion reminders to eat better… it Inspires me.

Maybe today is the day that you get inspired!

Twitter leadI won’t waste your time in talking about:

How important it is that you are on Social Media,
or how many billions of people are viewing Social Media everyday,
or how many agents are getting new leads off of Social Media everyday,
or how social media can broaden your reach for new clients,
or how we got a lead off of Twitter just this morning.

You already know all of this, it has been shoved down your throat for the last 5 years.

I get it.

But, have you done it?


Which Social Media platforms should you use




(Google+ is dead as a social media platform and they know it so they have launched a new service called “Collections” basically a Pinterest rip off.  They are still useful for their “Communites”, “Photos”, and “Pages” which is now “My Business” and represents your business on Local Search)

All of it… Some of it… None of it?

Well according to Guy Kawasaki, the original evangelist for Apple and Top Social Media Strategists, you should pick 1 or 2 platforms.

“The most important social media tools for most agents are probably Facebook and Instagram,” says Kawasaki. “Just post good stuff on Facebook and great pictures of your listings and interesting properties through Instagram.”

Well that is easy.


And to make it a bit easier I found this fun Infographic that gives a brief overview of

How To Do Real Estate Social Media:


In the Inman article Guy gives his 7 Principles of Social Success:

1. Think locally.

Direct your social media content at people within a 50 mile radius

2. Make yourself useful.

I have talked about this for blogging… post answers to questions that your clients ask you.

3. When you can’t create, curate.

This post is essentially a curated post.  I am using an infographic from another source then using the Inman Post and more specifically Guy Kawaski to guide my writing.

This lends credibility to what I am posting, allows me to give credit to an influencer (you never know) and makes writing much easier.

4. Schedule it in.

Guy recommends dedicating 30 minutes a day.

5. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Choose 1 or 2 social platforms that you can dedicate yourself to.  Or kick it up a notch if you are Social Super Star and throw in blogging!

6. Don’t try to buy your friends.

Did you know you can buy followers, fans, and connections?  Don’t do it.

7. Set content goals and stick to them.

Kawasaki suggests posting twice a day.


Infographic Summary

Why Real Estate Agents Need Social Media:

  • Exposure
  • Increased Traffic
  • Leads


  • Reach a wider Audience
  • Be Short, Sweet and to the point
  • Stay updated with the latest topics and trends


  • Share articles, blog posts, news
  • Boost property listings
  • Encourage engagement


  • Establish your professional profile
  • Connect with other experts in your field
  • Highlight your skills


  • Join Google+ Communities
  • Share articles, blog posts, photos and videos
  • Add colleagues to your circles


  • Show your creativity and personality
  • Post photos of homes on the market
  • Promote products and special deals

80/20 Principal:

80% useful content and 20% your brand

When You Should Post:


  • Monday – Thursday
  • 1-3pm


  • Monday – Sunday
  • 1-4pm


  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • Any Time


  • Monday – Sunday
  • 9-10am


  • Wednesday
  • 5pm


  • Saturday
  • am


The most important part of Real Estate Social Media is doing it.  Don’t wait until you get it perfect.  That day will never come.