Why are Real Estate Blogs Better Than Real Estate Websites?

When talking about real estate blogs I often hear, “I already have a website”…

Why Real Estate Blogs are better than real estate websites

If you do not use Real Estate Blogs it is probably time to Start or Start over.  Having a website is probably not producing the results that you are looking for.

So let’s talk about that:  What results are you looking for from your website?  If you had to give me a metric by which if you received 100 of these every day, week, or month you would be happy… What would it be?  Phone Calls?  Emails?  Newsletter Subscriptions? Fans?  Comments?  Referrals? Visitors?  Or maybe Leads?  No matter what it is, It has to be something, otherwise your website is just acting as a business card hosted on the web.  Your site’s usefulness should be measured by how many X it produces.  It should not be measured by how pretty it is!!  However, even if that is your metric it is ok because you can make some Gorgeous Real Estate Blogs.

Once you know what you want your real estate website to do then you can measure your current results.  What most people find is that their current website is not achieving those results… or any other for that matter.  In addition you may not even have a clear way of figuring out how to get your current website to start producing those results.

10 years ago it was good enough to have a website, just to have a website.  That is not the case today… it is to easy and affordable to have a Real Estate Blog that works with you to achieve those results.

Why am I suggesting that a Real Estate Blog can achieve more X that a Real Estate Website?

No matter what X is every goal has 1 common denominator… People.  People must somehow get access to your site.  The more people that find your site the more X that you are going to collect.  Simple enough.  What I am suggesting is that it is easier to get people to a Real Estate Blog than a Real Estate Website.  And here is why:

  • The easiest way to get people to your site is by adding new content.  Real Estate Blogs are designed and set-up to be easy to add new content.
  • You can get people to your site by utilizing Social Media.  There are literally thousands of ways to incorporate Social Media into a Real Estate Blog.
  • People will visit your blog if they find your content in the search engines.  Real Estate Blogs are SEO friendly… and every time you add a new blog post that gives you one more page on the search engines that someone could find and be directed to your site.
  • More people will visit your site if they see you as an information specialist, or publisher, or industry expert.  Real Estate Blogs give you the vehicle by which to share your expertise and knowledge.
  • You can direct people to your site using email marketing.  Real Estate Blogs integrate very nicely with most email marketing services, and tend to work in conjunction.
  • People will visit your site because you have asked them to.  Real Estate Blogs are physically the same as websites so if you want to add a page of information that you like to point your clients to… you can do that with a Blog as well.

In conclusion:  Real Estate Blogs can do everything that a Real Estate Website can do… and so much more.  In addition, blogs are designed to be more user friendly than traditional websites so you are encouraged to take a more active role with your Blog.

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  1. ronald September 15, 2011 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    its outdated i think to draw the line like you do between a website and a blog. i would fire a webdesigner who would make my web-site in a read only version.

    • jasonfox September 15, 2011 at 6:47 pm - Reply

      Thank you for your input.
      I write to my audience and what I have seen from most of my clients is that they are unable to easily add new content to their current website. Blogs all provide an easy to understand backend that will help the less tecnically savy add new content.
      As you will notice that I did not say that you could not add content to a traditional website… I just said that in my opinion it is easier to add new content to blogging platforms than traditional HTML websites.

  2. N1 September 19, 2011 at 4:48 am - Reply

    I agree with Jason blog is easier to add content, and there are more ways to connect social media to a blog. And new posts on blogs are automatically updated on Facebook page and Linkedin company profile.
    My recent post Does your business need a blog or website? Or both?

  3. Shobhit Agarwal April 18, 2013 at 5:49 am - Reply

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