12+2 Pillars Of Real Estate Content Creation #Infographic

pillars of real estate content creation

When I tell my clients that they can acquire new clients by creating content they look at me with doubt.  Real concerned, perhaps I am a brick short, doubt.

It is true.  And so can you.  It is called Content Marketing, or blogging, and if you want to give it a shot… these 12+2 pillars of real estate content creation can help.

“You have to understand that nothing appeals to everybody.”Rocker Gene Simmons of KISS


12 Pillars of Real Estate Content Creation

  1. Listen
    • When your clients ask you any type of question.  The answer is a blog post.  The information that you know, that they do not know, that they want to know, that you can tell them.
  2. Make a List
    • Scour your memory banks, emails, voicemails, texts, and social media and make a list of all the questions that your clients have asked you
  3. Address Every Question
    • Even if you can’t give a black and white answer, give your grey opinion.  Often times your opinion is what they want anyway.  In addition all blogs are mostly opinion.
  4. Research Keywords
    • With the Google Hummingbird Algorithm change, keywords are less important than they were a couple of years ago, but it is a best practice to focus your answer on a long tail keyword.
    • ex:  This post is about: Creating Content.
      • A quick Google search of the phrase “Creating Content” produces:  About 858,000,000 results
      • “Content Creation” produces:  About 282,000,000 results
      • “Real Estate Content Creation” produces:  About 5,240,000 results
      • “Real Estate Content Creation Guide” produces:  About 55,400,000 results
        • This is just a simple test, but would you rather compete with 858 million posts or 5 million posts?
  5. Pay Attention to the Title
    • I like to say that the Title is the most important part of the blog post.  It is what determines whether people will read your content or not.
    • I usually like to come up with the title first to help guide my post.  Then re-evaluate the title once the post is done to make sure it is relevant and if it still sounds compelling.
  6. Be Honest
    • I like to refer to this as being transparent.  It can be scary.  But try not to be afraid to answer the questions honestly even when you don’t necessarily like the answer.
  7. Talk About The Competition
    • Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that Zillow can give your clients a faster home valuation than you can.  You can also, then mention the known descrepancies in their valuations and that while you will take longer to value their home it will be more accurate.
  8. Use the “VS” Format
    • You vs them.  This is a great way to present content and your readers will appreciate it.
    • While you should never lie, or desparage your competitor… you can choose what service items you compare.
  9. Write about “THE BEST”
  10. Be Clear and Concise
    • Your goal here is to help your clients.  Try to write the same way as you would talk to a client that was sitting across from your desk.
  11. Keep on Creating
    • I can not stress how important it is stay consistent on your real estate content creation.
  12. Be Fearless
    • I think a guy named Knight said, “Just Do It.”  This is a program of action…


What I Would Add +2

13.  Take Advantage Of Media

  • Use Images, Video, Image Manipulation, Infographics, e-books, guides, graphs, charts, slideshares, surveys, lists, and any other form of media you can find that helps to tell your story, educate and entertain your reader.

14.  Promote Your Content

  • I wish I could tell you that if you did everything on this list that thousands of people would come to your site and start reading your content, signing up to your lists, and emailing you to help them to buy a house or sell their home.  But I can’t.
  • There are many ways that you can go about promoting your blog post, here are a few:
    • Bufferapp
    • Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram…
    • Bookmarking:  Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit…
    • Triberr
    • Press Release
    • Email To Your Sphere

If you incorporate this list into your weekly marketing schedule you will start to get readers to your Real Estate Blog.  I can’t tell you how many, that will depend on how good your content is and how well you promote it.

If you have some good Calls to Action on your blog such as;  IDX, Forms, Contact Us, Phone Number Clearly Marked, Blog Subscription, then you will turn those readers into leads and sales.

If you have a good lead nurturing system, or Email Marketing software, CRM, IDX Email Alerts, you will turn some of those leads into sales.

View The “12 Tenets of Content Creation” #Infographic

[wps_hide]12 Pillars Of Real Estate Content Creation
Infographic by Placester

Placester is a WordPress based real estate website building platform, with a proprietary IDX service that integrates with their custom WordPress Themes.

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